Charge Plate Analyzer offers one-button operation.

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Featuring high-contrast LED display, Model 300 is used for checking effectiveness of bench-top, room, and overhead ionization-type static control systems and demonstrating charge presence. It measures, displays, and stores test data, including discharge times, peak offset voltages, and average offset voltage. Single-button operation supports manual +decay, -decay, and balance tests or automated set of tests. Removable ion collecting plate probe permits positioning and remote monitoring.

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Monroe Electronics' New Model 300 Charge Plate Analyzer Boasts Rich Functionality, Low Cost

LYNDONVILLE, N.Y. — Monroe Electronics today announced the release of the Model 300 charge plate analyzer, which offers users an easy, reliable, and cost-effective solution for checking the effectiveness of all ionization-type static control systems and demonstrating charge presence. Offering a robust feature set including on-board data storage, intuitive operation, extended battery life, and a clear, bright LED display, the new Model 300 simplifies both manual and unattended evaluation of bench-top, room, and overhead ionization systems.

"Never before has a charge plate analyzer offered so much functionality at such an attractive price point," said Bill Vosteen, president of Monroe Electronics. "Capabilities including the preprogramming of automated test routines are typically found only in more expensive systems, but the Model 300 offers such functionality — and associated time- and cost-savings — in a far more compelling price range."

The Model 300 measures, displays, and stores last test data, including discharge times, peak offset voltages, and average offset voltage. Single-button operation of manual +decay, -decay, and balance ensures straightforward operation. Balance tests record ±peaks and average reading, and each test can be customized in setup for stop trip levels and test duration. The system also allows users to initiate an automated set of tests with a single button press.

Preprogrammed test routines enable efficient testing of a wide range of ionizers, in turn reducing the time and technical expertise required. A recorder output facilitates analog data acquisition, long term balance tests, and hard copy test recording.

Large high-contrast alphanumeric LED displays on the front panel make measurements visible from any viewing angle, even in high ambient lighting conditions, and separate time and voltage displays are provided for discharge time tests. The unit itself is small and lightweight relative to other charge plate analyzers. A removable cable-connected ion collecting plate probe permits precise positioning and remote monitoring.

Operation and setup can be completed using front-panel buttons, or via a USB port and PC software. The latter configuration allows users to retrieve test results for automatic or manual tests. Individual front-panel LEDs indicate operational status during testing and setup.

The Monroe Model 300 charge plate analyzer has a U.S. list price of $2,295. Further information is available at

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Monroe Electronics began operations in 1954 designing and manufacturing specialized electrostatic measurement instrumentation that continues today. From its headquarters in Lyndonville, N.Y., the company provides R&D, manufacturing, sales, and customer service for all Monroe Electronics products.

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