Channel Ramps facilitate Segway(TM) scooter loading/unloading.

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Weighing 9 lb each, Segway(TM) Traks® are designed so that 83 lb Segway(TM) human transporter/scooter can be moved into and out of vehicles on its own power. This avoids back pain, muscle strain, and general fatigue to person as well as scratches, dents, and damage to vehicle. Available in 60 in. lengths, extruded aluminum ramps have non-skid surface and hold up to 600 lb. They are hinged for portability and feature 2 in. safety curbs to keep Segway on tracks.

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Ramps for the Segway(TM) Human Transporter Scooter by Handi-Ramp®

Handi-Ramp, Inc. (Libertyville, IL.) manufactures ramps and lifting solutions for vehicle, residential and commercial applications such as, wheelchairs, pedestrians or rolling equipment. The popularity of the Segway(TM) human transporter/scooter has offered its users the ability to cover more area and efficiently transport humans with ease. Among all of its advantages, there is a hidden challenge to this wonder scooter. The majority of users don't want to simply ride around their neighborhood. They want to put their Segway to work. Contractors, surveyors, floor managers, messengers, security guards and police need to efficiently transport this super human transporter. Not easy to do if you have to lift it in and out of your vehicle all day. When moving from one place to another, how do you transport the Segway in a SUV, van, wagon or truck? The 83 pound Segway creates serious difficulties for some people while continuously lifting it into and out of the vehicle. Many of the problems associated with loading and unloading by hand are back pain, muscle strain, general fatigue, scratches, dents and damage to the vehicle. Handi-Ramp, Inc. has designed a solution so that the Segway can be easily transported. The new SegwayTM Trak Ramps are made so that the Segway can load itself in and out of the vehicle on its own power. "I used to lift my Segway in and out of my car because I thought it was faster." said Jason Stemeler of Segway LA. The constant loading in and out of the car was not possible for some of Jason's older clients. Along with the Traks® ease of use, the ramp has a noticeable quality feel. This is expected when you are loading one of the most innovative and most expensive human chariots in the world. "They are great ramps, and are much easier to lift than the Segway into my car every time I have to go somewhere. They sit at a perfect angle on my bumper and they are very easy to use. It saves me time and eliminates the back pain from loading and unloading by hand." says Jason. Segway Ramp Info: The Segway Traks® from Handi-Ramp® - Portable Lightweight tracks (channel ramps) are convenient and easy to use. The tracks are manufactured from durable, extruded aluminum with a non-skid surface for decades of useful service. Traks® are available in a length of 60 inches enabling easy loading into any SUV, van, wagon or truck. The padded lip on the end of the Traks prevents scratching of the bumper while increasing the life of the ramps. EASY TO USE The Handi-Trak systems accommodate the full spectrum of Segway products, including the off road Segway. All Traks feature Easy-Carry Handles that reduce stress on fingers and wrists. The Traks are hinged for additional convenience and portability. Simply unfold your Handi-Traks to use them and then fold them back up to carry or store them. Product Specs: - Strong Extruded Aluminum Ramps - 5 feet long when extended - Easy to use, hinged construction - Lightweight (each track weighs 9 pounds) - Rubberized padding on lip protects bumpers - Folded compact size of 4 1/4" H x 9 1/4" W x 30" L - 2 inch safety curbs to keep your Segway on the Track - Weight capacity of 600 lbs Handi-Ramp's products are available across North America including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Puerto Rico. Ramps for All Needs - Wheelchair Ramps - Material Handling Ramp Products Toll free, at (800) 876-RAMP Handi-Ramp, Inc. 510 North Ave. Libertyville, IL 60048-2025 Phone: 847-247-2350 Fax: 847-816-8166

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