Chains convey hard plastics for packaging.

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With pitches from ½-5/8 in., IWIS Spike Chains feature double strands and curved spikes that precisely puncture plastic along discard side and then pull material smoothly during conveying process. Spikes are engineered in 2 sizes and angled at 17° to enable exacting punctures without distorting material. Design purposely curves inward to prevent packaging materials from lifting or mispositioning. Pre-tensioned steel chains offer wear resistance and run quietly.

Original Press Release:

IWIS 'Spike' Chains Reliably Convey Hard Plastics For Packaging

New IWIS "spike" chains can reliably and safely transport thermoformed and other hard plastics widely used in packaging applications. Their uniquely curved "spikes" precisely puncture the plastic along the "discard" side and then pull the material smoothly during the conveying process.

These high-performance conveyor chains feature double strands for superior rigidity and optimum support of packaging materials. Pitches range from 1/2 in. to 5/8 in. to satisfy typical application requirements.

"Spikes" are engineered in two sizes and angled at 17º to enable clean and exacting punctures in the plastic without distorting or otherwise damaging the material initially or during conveyance. Their design purposely curves inward to prevent packaging materials from lifting or mispositioning.

These pre-tensioned steel conveyor chains exhibit excellent wear resistance, high fatigue strength, and efficient initial lubrication. They are built to run quietly and promote extended service life. Minimal maintenance beyond standard lubrication is required.

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