Chain Conveyors have modular design.

Press Release Summary:

Flat-top and table-top chain conveyors are based on aluminum-profile frames with full length t-slots for assembly components, such as side-frames, drive units, supports, and guide rails. Flat-top chain choices including steel and thermoplastic are available in standard widths of 3¼, 4, 4½, 6, 7½, 10 and 12 in. Conveyor chain choices include all plastic, all steel, and roller chain, with snap-on flights in straight running or side-bow/side-flex types.

Original Press Release:

Modular Flattop Chain Conveyor System

A new system of flattop or tabletop chain conveyors is being introduced by mk Automation, Inc. to meet many applications in high volume product handling. Modular sub-assemblies including
drive units, straight track and curves allow for the quick and economical assembly of systems involving any length or complexity of layout.

mk Automation's new system is based on precision aluminum profile frames with accuracy and ease of "system building" augmented by full length t-slots for assembling components, such as: side-frames, drive units, supports, guide rails, etc. A wide assortment of flat top chain choices including steel (carbon or stainless) and thermoplastic (acetate) is available in all standard industry widths, including 3¼, 4, 4½, 6, 7½, 10 and 12". Conveyor chain choices include: all plastic, all steel, and roller chain with snap-on flights in straight running or side-bow/side-flex types. All chains run and return on low friction, long-wearing UHMW Polypropylene wear strips. Chain return paths are enclosed for appearance, cleanliness and safety. System layout needs may be met with independent straight or curved sections as well as complex assemblies with one continuous flexible chain negotiating straights and curves.

The modular mk flat top chain conveyor systems are ideal for product transportation and accumulation in many process areas of the bottling, food packaging, brewing, soft drink, pharmaceutical, snack baking, candy and precision manufacturing industries.

mk Automation, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of quality conveyors, conveying systems and custom conveyors for light to heavy material handling applications. Product line includes belt,
roller, gravity roller, chain, accumulating chain, flat top chain, timing belt and pallet conveyors. Sales headquarters, engineering and manufacturing facility are based in Bloomfield, CT.

for further information:
John Van Kooten
mk® Automation, Inc.
105 Highland Park Drive
Bloomfield, CT 06002
mkprofies com
Tel (860)769-5500

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