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Chain Conveyor offers retrofit design.

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Chain Conveyor offers retrofit design.

Nov 27, 2015 - With Chain-Vey®'s retrofit design, users can convert cable system to chain, ensuring conveyor never breaks again. For installation, users keep existing piping and replace drive unit, turnaround, and cable with Chain-Vey componentry, minimizing downtime. Chain-Vey is designed for transporting food, chemicals, and other bulk powder products without degradation or declassification.

MPE - Modern Process Equipment, Inc. - Chicago, IL

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Cable to Chain(-Vey) Retrofit ... it's as Easy as 1-2-3

Press release date: Nov 01, 2015

CHICAGO, IL -- If your application is one of many which experiences cable breakage when conveying your product, Christmas has come early for you! MPE's Chain-Vey now offers a retrofit design to easily convert your cable system to chain, guaranteeing your conveyor to never break again.

For installation, you can keep your existing piping and merely replace the drive unit, turnaround and cable with Chain-Vey componentry. There is very little downtime involved and this simple change-out will save you money (and your sanity!)

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About MPE Chain-Vey
The MPE Chain-Vey is a revolutionary conveyor designed for transporting food, chemicals and other bulk powder products without degradation or declassification. Contact Modern Process Equipment Corporation at 3125 South Kolin Avenue, Chicago, IL 60623, call 773-254-3929 or visit