Chain Binders secure large loads while protecting operator.

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Available in 5/16–3/8, 3/8–½, and ½–5/8 in. sizes, QuikBinder Plus Chain Binders offer working load limits of 7,100, 12,000, and 18,100 lb, respectively. Units feature high-visibility yellow powder coat paint, folding handle, switch on outside for adding or releasing tension, and free-spin setting for fast adjustments. Ratchet binders can be locked to chain with long shank padlock, making it difficult to tamper with binder, assembly, or load.

Original Press Release:

New Product from Cargo Equipment Corporation: Quik Binder Chain Binder

Cargo Equipment Corporation, a leader in load securement, tie downs, and moving supplies is proud to announce the release of a new, redesigned product, the QuikBinder Plus Chain Binder.  This clever design takes a once troublesome and dangerous task, and makes it a breeze.  Many times when securing loads, the operator must rely on chain instead of a tie-down strap because of its increased strength.  The downfall to chain however, is the fact that it is much more difficult to tension and secure.  In the trucking industry, chain binders are a popular tool to help secure the load as they work by pulling the chain tighter once it has been attached, adding the necessary tension for transport.  Chain binders come in two styles, and although they are both very useful, they also have their own downfalls.  The first binder style is called a "lever binder."  A lever binder is attached to the chain once it has been secured around the load.  The operator then pulls down the lever which removes the slack.  Depending on the amount of tension in the chain, flipping the lever can be very difficult, and also dangerous at it has the potential to fly open if not properly locked.  The second style of binder, a "Ratchet Binder," makes the process a bit easier by adding a ratcheting device so that the tension can be added simply by ratcheting the handle of the binder.  This style binder however, requires that the operator reach into the gearing of the binder to flip a switch which allows the ratchet to be released after transportation.  The Quik Binder eliminates this problem by adding a switch on the outside that when flipped allows the binder to either add or release tension.  The folding handle allows for easily ratcheting while providing an increased working load limit.  The QuikBinder Plus is available in three sizes depending on the chain being used.  The sizes are as follows 1)  5/16" to 3/8" (part # H5125-0658)  2) 3/8" to 1/2" (part # H5125-0858)  3) 1/2" to 5/8" (part # H5125-0958).  The simple additions to this product make the task of securing a large load with chain a breeze, while protecting the operator from any potential accidents.  You can find this product and many more on our website at

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