CFD Engineering Software addresses flow, heat transfer, and stress.

Press Release Summary:

In one integrated package, STAR-CCM+ v6.04 provides entire engineering process for solving problems involving flow, heat transfer, and stress. Capabilities for heat and mass transfer between phases, along with Eulerian multiphase capabilities, allow simulation of diverse situations. Support is also provided for parallel meshing; phase permeable walls; Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) with bonding/breaking; and liquid film formation, transport, and stripping.

Original Press Release:

STAR-CCM+ v6.04: Increase Innovation and Decrease Cost

LONDON and NEW YORK -- CD-adapco, the world's largest independent CFD-focused provider of engineering simulation software, support and services, announced the latest release of STAR-CCM+ version 6.04 today.

"CD-adapco has over 30 years of experience in delivering industrial strength engineering simulation to a wide range of industries and application areas. Our purpose is to help our customers to succeed through the application of engineering simulation: driving innovation in product design AND reducing the engineering time and cost associated with bringing those products to market," explains Senior VP of Product Management Jean-Claude Ercolanelli. "Being simulation engineers ourselves, we understand our users' challenges and are uniquely placed to help meet them. We designed STAR-CCM+ v6.04 in collaboration with our customers, implementing their requests to improve the coverage, speed and usability of our software solution."

The release of STAR-CCM+ v6.04 has three specific aims:

-- to further expand the application coverage through the addition of new and validated physics
-- to further improving quality, robustness and speed of our meshing technology
-- to enhance usability of 3D-CAD, the surface preparation tools, the CAD-Clients, and the visualization capabilities Eulerian Multiphase

Heat and mass transfer between phases have been added to the existing Eulerian multiphase capabilities. These new features, in combination with a range of new phase interaction options, allow the simulation of wider range of situations. Also added in v6.04 is the option for phase permeable walls opening up the possibility of simulating collection efficiency on boundaries, a key requirement for the study of vehicle soiling, icing prediction on aircrafts.

DEM bonding and breaking

The Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) can be used to simulate the motion of the granular flow of sand, food particles, metal powders, plant matter, capsules and slurries, etc. In STAR-CCM+ v6.04 this model is enhanced with ability to simulate particle bonding - "clumping" - and breaking under constraint , as well as particles connected by flexible bonds.

Liquid Film formation, transport and stripping

The accurate simulation of liquid sprays requires the ability to predict what happens when droplets from the spray interact with a solid surface. The STAR-CCM+ v6.04 release includes a new model to predict the formation and transport of a thin liquid film on a solid surface, and its subsequent stripping and break-up under aerodynamic forces.

Parallel meshing

The STAR-CCM+ v6.04 release includes parallel meshing capability. Available initially for the polyhedral and prism layer meshers, the parallel meshing capability delivers significant reductions in both memory requirement and meshing time.

Unlock the full power of STAR-CCM+ from within Autodesk Inventor

New in STAR-CCM+ v6.04, the Inventor CAD client allows you to leverage advanced simulation capabilities from the comfort of the Autodesk Inventor environment. With full parametric associativity, boundary setup and both polyhedral and trimmed cell meshing, the CAD clients allow analysis to be seamlessly integrated into your engineering design process. The STAR-CCM+ CAD clients are also available for CATIA V5, SolidWorks, Pro/E and NX.

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