CeramTec's CeramCool® Product is being used to create Energy-saving and Maintenance-free Streetlights

CeramTec's CeramCool® product is being used by the city of Wunsiedel, Germany to create energy-saving and maintenance-free streetlights. In its product study, the city has found the CeramCool® Streetlight LED units provide optimal operating temperatures and approximately 10,000 additional hours of maintenance-free operations. The ceramic system beats any system made of aluminum due to the directly applied, permanent metallic connection between the LED and heat-sink in terms of heat management, efficiency, lifetime and reliability. The diffuser selected for the CeramCool® Streetlight ensures uniform illumination without unnecessary scattered light. Ceramic is completely resistant to environmental influences, thus making CeramCool® ideal for this kind of outdoor usage. CeramTec GmbH feels its advanced ceramics are ideal for the use in LED lighting technology because Technical Ceramics are both electrically insulating and heat-conducting.

CeramTec GmbH's products are often unseen, but always indispensable. The company is headquartered in Plochingen, Germany and supply customers with premium-quality ceramic products from 21 locations around the world. CeramTec GmbH's success is rooted in the formula: Continued development of new, innovative materials with a strong commitment to quality, a focus on customer-specific systems solutions and dialog-based application consulting services that cover the entire product life cycle. CeramTec GmbH is one of the largest international manufacturers of ceramics for technically demanding applications.

CeramTec North America (www2.ceramtec.com) is a wholly owned subsidiary of CeramTec GmbH and a leading manufacturer of high-tech, custom-engineered ceramic solutions, including hermetic components with the Ceramaseal® trademark. CeramTec's products serve a wide variety of applications around the world including: automotive, military/aerospace, electronic and electrical, structural, hermetic, functional, and mechanical industries. ISO 9001:2008

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