Ceramic Tubes

Ortech Inc. carries a full line of ceramic tubes in the following ceramic material.

Mullite: 3Al2O3o2SiO2, Alumina 99.8%: 99.8% Dense Alumina (Al2O3), Alumina 99.5%: 99.5% Dense Alumina (Al2O3), Alumina 96%: 96.0% Dense Alumina (Al2O3), TTZ: Magnesia partially stabilized Zirconia (ZrO2), YTZP:Yttria partially stabilized Zirconia (ZrO2), ZDY: Yttria fully stabilized Zirconia (ZrO2) along with Silicon Carbide (SiC).

The ceramic tubes are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes such as: Extruded tubing, Cast Tubing (for larger diameter tubes), round double bore, oval double bore along with four bore tubing. The ends of the tubes can also be precision- made for a sure fit for any application.

These ceramic tubes are non-eroding, has high resistance to heat, great insulating properties, and is also resistant to most chemicals as well. Ceramic tubes are used in industrial machinery and in chemical manufacturing plants because alternative material will end up rusting or become perished. Ceramic material also enhance performance and provide longer product life.

If you are looking to replace an old piece, or just for R&D research Ortech can assist you in getting the ceramic tubes that you would need to fit your application.

Ortech Inc. has been in the ceramic industries for over 15 years and serving countries worldwide. Please visit our website at www.ortechceramics.com or contact us at 916-549-9696.

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