Ceramic Fiber Board offers tight thickness tolerance.

Press Release Summary:

Ceraboard® consists of 65% silica and 30% alumina with low level of organic binder. It offers high temperature stability, low thermal conductivity, high cohesive strength, and thermal shock resistance. Board can be cut and machined. Maximum temperature rating is 2300°F, and continuous temperature use rating is 2150°F. Standard sizes include 24 x 36 in. and 36 x 48 in. in thickness variations of 0.50, 1.00, and 2.00 in. Thickness tolerances range from ±0.05 in. to ±0.10 in.

Original Press Release:

Ceraboard Introduction Into the North American Market

Thermal Ceramics announces the introduction of Ceraboard®, a refractory ceramic fiber board product, into the North American market. It offers the following high performance advantages:

o High temperature stability
o Low thermal conductivity
o Excellent thickness tolerance
o Low heat storage
o Rigidity and high cohesive strength
o Allows machining and cutting
o Resistant to thermal shock
o Easy application

Ceraboard's chemical composition consists of 65% silica and 30% alumina with a low level of organic binder. Ceraboard's maximum temperature rating is 2300°F and the continuous use temperature rating is 2150°F.

Ceraboard is very versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. These may include:

o Back-up for dense refactories
o Back-up in steel ladle and torpedo covers
o Ceramics Industry - Kiln linings and kiln car insulation
o Combustion chamber construction
o Chimney linings
o Glass Industry
o High temperature expansion joints
o High temperature insulation
o Tundish covers
o High temperature gaskets and seals

Ceraboard is marketed in two grades - Ceraboard-100 and Ceraboard-P. In applications requiring tighter thickness tolerances, Ceraboard-P is ideal. It has +/- 0.05" tolerance for boards with average thickness of 0.50" and +/- 0.10" tolerance for boards with average thickness of 1.00".

Both Ceraboard-100 and Ceraboard-P are sold in carton and pallet quantities. They are available in standard sizes of 24" x 36" and 36" x 48" in three thickness variations of 0.50", 1.00", and 2.00". Other sizes can be made available subject to ordering in minimum required quantities.

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