Ceramic Covered Roller is recommended for corona treating systems.

Press Release Summary:

Possessing variety of coating thicknesses, durability, and uniform performance, Arcotron CL800 offers tight tolerance finishes as low as 15 Ra. Coating dielectric allows unit to maintain 300°F continuous operation without degradation, which promotes service life. Properties of this product make it suited for applications within harsh environments, such as skip and lane treating.

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American Roller Launches New Ceramic Coatings Solution

Union Grove, WI – American Roller rolls out the new Arcotron CL800, a break-through in corona covering technology. The CL800 is a premium ceramic covered roller designed for the most unforgiving surroundings. The new CL800 is highly recommended for conventional corona treating systems and is the answer for applications within the harshest environment, like skip and lane treating. With excellent physical, chemical, and electrical properties, combined with tight tolerance finishes as low as 15 Ra, the CL800 is an incredible addition to the Arcotron line-up.

Utilizing technological advances, the CL800 is a step above our existing corona treater roller, the Arcotron CL500. The premium CL800 is produced with a coating dielectric of nearly three times higher than the typical voltage at the electrode. This allows the CL800 to maintain 300⁰F continuous operation without degradation, which means extended service life for the customer. The breakthrough in technology is due to a combination of ingredients and processes increasing the dielectric strength to a level much higher than any of the component materials, a synergistic effect.

Coupled with a 3 year non-prorated extended warranty, the Arcotron CL800 raises the bar in corona covering technology. Bruce Hyllberg, Research Specialist at American Roller notes, “As we constantly strive to respond to industry requirements, American Roller discovered the need for a more robust, premium corona treater.” With stable, long term electrical properties, superior cut, and abrasion resistance, Arcotron CL800 is that product.

Possessing a variety of coating thicknesses, extreme durability, and uniform performance, the Arcotron CL800 is a proven premium product, outperforming all other corona treater covers.

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American Roller Company, celebrating 75 years in the industrial roller business, is the premier engineered solutions supplier of industrial rollers used in a wide variety of manufacturing processes. With several facilities located in the United States, it services, designs, and manufactures a full range of rollers, along with specialty roller coverings and coatings. Founded in 1938, American Roller is committed to providing its valued customers ever-improving roller performance. For more information, please visit http://www.americanroller.com/.

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Plasma Coatings, a division of American Roller, has manufacturing facilities in the United States and China, along with international licensees around the world. It specializes in coating solutions that resist corrosion, reduce wear, and provide release though the selection of a variety of thermal spray, and hard facing techniques, along with advanced polymer materials, and processes. Turn-key machining services and on-site coatings are also available. Plasma Coatings provides the highest level of service in quality, responsiveness and availability. For more information, please visit http://www.plasmacoatings.com/.


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