Ceramic Balls

Ortech Inc. carry Ceramic Balls in Silicon Nitride and Zirconia Oxide. These balls comes in ranges from 0.5mm to 38mm. They are used in jigs, tools, gauges, solenoid valves, check valves, other types of valves, high-grade bicycle parts, automotive parts, machine components, etc. They can also be used even in an extra high - vacuum environment.

Having Ceramic Balls means longer service life time. They are light weight , non-magnetic and insulated. They also have lower friction resistance, higher seizure resistance, higher corrosion resistance, higher rigidity, and higher temperature resistance (up to 800C) lightweight (40% of bearing steel). Since ceramic balls are non-porous they are virtually frictionless and are capable of spinning faster than steel balls.

Silicon Nitride Balls are a new material suitable for applications where high speeds, high loads and extreme temperatures are factors. Longer life span and no lubrication needed makes this material very suitable for aviation applications. Silicon Nitride is resistant to corrosion by most substances as well as it is anti-magnetic.

Zirconia Balls are inert to corrosive materials with the exception of hydrofluoric acid and hot, concentrated sulfuric acid. When subject to stress by grinding, cracking, or impact, a zirconia ball undergoes "transformation toughening" which stops cracks from spreading and actually makes the ball stronger in the stressed area than what it was originally. Zirconia has a maximum useful temperature of 1800° F.

Ortech Inc. has been in the ceramic industries for over 15 years and serving countries worldwide. Please visit our website at www.ortechceramics.com or contact us at 916-549-9696.

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