Ceramic Adhesive is formulated with phosphate binder.

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Ceramabond(TM) 690 single part, boron nitride filled ceramic adhesive bonds and coats in temperatures to 2700°F, and can be used in oxidizing atmospheres to 1560°F and reducing and vacuum environments to 2700°F. Thermal conductivity is 55 W/m-°K, and dielectric strength is rated at 500 volts/mil. Exceptional resistance is shown to molten glasses and metals. Curing time is 1-2 hours each at 200°F, 500°F, and 700°F, respectively.

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New Ceramabond 690 Boron Nitride Adhesive/Coating System Now Available

Ceramabond(TM) 690, a new high temperature, boron nitride filled, ceramic adhesive developed by Aremco Products, Inc., is now used to bond boron nitride ceramics and coat refractory insulation materials used in metallurgical and glass applications to 2700 °F (1480 °C).


Ceramabond(TM) 690 is a single part, boron nitride filled ceramic adhesive and coating system for use in oxidizing atmospheres to 1560 °F and reducing and vacuum environments to 2700 °F. This boron nitride system is noted for its high thermal conductivity of 55 W/m-°K, high dielectric strength of 500 volts/mil, and exceptional resistance to molten glasses and metals. Ceramabondtm 690 is formulated with a phosphate binder system which provides excellent adhesive strength in bonding applications.

Applications for Ceramabond(TM) 690 are found in the metals and glass industries for insulating molds, dies and other structures from attack by molten metals, salts and glasses. Ceramabond(TM) is non-wetted by molten materials and provides high lubricity for easy part release. Ceramabond(TM) 690 is also used in other more exotic electrical/electronic instrument applications where high thermal conductivity and electrical resistance are required.

Ceramabond(TM) 690 is a water-dispersed system that contains no volatile organic compounds. It is easy-to-apply and cleans up with warm water and soap in the uncured state. Curing is accomplished by heating at 200 °F, 500 °F and 700 °F for 1-2 hours each, respectively.

Ceramabond(TM) 690 is available from stock in pint, quart, gallon and five gallon pails. For more information about this advanced product, please contact Aremco's Technical Sales Department.

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