Cepoint's Studio9000 DVR VGA/DVI. HD-SDI Multiple Channel DVR Now Incorporates IP-Remote Monitoring Management with IRIG-B or GPS Frame-Time Stamp, and Scales to 128 Channels.

Cepoint Networks, LLC upgraded its Studio9000 DVI/VGA RGB(HDTV) and HD-SDI Multi-channel Digital Video Recorder system with IRIG-B or GPS frame time-stamp capability. Model ST9000 DVR-IRIG , DVI/VGA /HD-SDI  designed for High precision and high definition Radar Broadcast and Surveillance video capturing and recording applications conforms to SMPTE 424M standard and now has capability of simultaneous audio capture and recording up to 128 1920 x1080 p sources with precision IRIG-B and GPS data and time code synchronization and stamp.

Boston, MA - Cepoint Networks, LLC has upgraded its Multi-channel DVI/VGA and 3G HD-SDI Digital Video Capturing, Recording and Streaming system with IRIG-B or GPS frame time-stamp capability to support up to 128 simultaneous 1920 x 1080 sources. Model Studio9000-DVR IRIG which is designed for High definition Broadcast and Surveillance video capturing and recording applications conforms to SMPTE 424 standard, making transport of 1920 x 1089 60fps signal over 3G-SDI Link possible, and has capability of simultaneous audio capture and recording as well. Other capabilities includes synchronized capture and recording of high speed and high definition X-ray, Radar and computer monitor screen (HDTV) video or image sources, with input capture and recording of RGB, (HV sync or Sync-on-Green), Radar screen, DVI or VGA sources, X-ray and medical equipment images. The ST9000HDSD like it's Studio9000DVR-IRIG cousin also comes embedded with IRIG-B (Inter-range Instrument time code) or GPS time code generator and receiver for precision IRIG-A/B or GPS frame time-stamp and referencing.

Also included is an embedded or removable Solid State Disk storage disk capable of storing up to 8-hours or more of data or content.

The industrial grade unit which is designed for high speed imaging and video recording for scientific analysis can capture and record simultaneous multiple streams of video or images from any RGB, computer VGA sources, X-Ray machines, NTSC or PAL component, analog or digital video sources in uncompressed AVI or compressed MPEG-4, H.264, M-JPEG, and quite suitable for tracking and analyzing images and videos of fast moving objects, Bullet & Ballistic Testing, high end surveillance such as Airborne video surveillance, X-Ray, FLIR, Machine Vision, Radar imaging, etc. Resolution and frame speed can range up to 2048 x 2048 and up to 100,000 fps or more. Remote monitoring, control and management of the unit via  Ethernet or PI-Network adds more robust functionality and easy use or operation of the system.

Since the unit was designed with mobility and laboratory environment in mind, an optional 28V DC powered version is also available in addition to the standard 110-240V AC powered unit.

The  Product expands on Company's standard way of doing things by doing things better, faster and smarter. This greatly enhances customer experience and saves time and money through a few key features:

- Simultaneous real-time capture and recording of synchronized Multiple HD-SDI video sources

- Synchronized IRIG-B or GPS precision time-stamp on each video frame

- Synchronized optional audio recording with video

- SMPTE 424M standard, 3G-SDI link

-Multiple recording and streaming of 1920 x 1080p @60 fps

-Capture from unlimited video sources.

- Removable Storage Disc module or RJ-45 Ethernet

Cepoint's Studio9000DVR video acquisition systems are being used in Scientific R & D labs, Broadcasting, Industrial R & D laboratories, and defense agencies for complex and advanced imaging applications.

Product is now available direct from the company or approved representatives in North America.

For information contact: sales@cepoint.com

Phone: (603)883-7979 x 103 or go to Website: cepoint.com

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Cepoint is a systems integration, consulting, and manufacturing company with emphasis in custom and specialized IT products and solutions for defense, R & D, security and communications applications. The company also manufactures high performance, industrial strength computing systems, enterprise cloud storage appliances, network communication systems, applied computing products, and technologies for scientific applications and industrial processes.

Cepoint is committed to the interests of your audience with products available through major authorized representatives in North America, Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom and Japan, as well as on the Internet. For additional information please visit our website at: www.cepoint.com.

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