Central Control Module handles heavy-equipment functions.

Press Release Summary:

Model CL-100 HED Central Control Module, for CANLink(TM) family of control components, is placed along CAN systems for trafficking communications to areas that must be isolated. It includes 32-bit microprocessor and RS232 connection. Incorporated J1708 port enables CL-100 to talk to other parts of machinery that operate on that protocol. Field-rugged, CL-100 is not affected by EMI/RFI, extreme vibration and temperatures, dirt, moisture, or harsh equipment wash downs.

Original Press Release:

New Module Brings More Options to the CAN Product Line

(Hartford, WI) HED, Inc. recently introduced the CL-100 Central Control Module to boost the versatility of their CANLink(TM) family of control components for superior control of off-road and heavy equipment functions.

The CAN (controlled area network) system operates on the SAE J1939 protocol and allows system controllers, sensors and actuators throughout a piece of machinery to intelligently communicate with each other at very high speeds (250kb/sec.). The CL-100 is an HED CCM (Central Control Module) that is placed along a CAN system for trafficking communications to those areas that must be isolated such as a "Smart engine" or a portion of the apparatus.

To efficiently handle a high volume of traffic through multiple CAN lines the CL-100 includes a powerful 32-bit microprocessor for complex decision-making. The module has an RS232 connection to access system operation via a computer, laptop or palm pilot. A J1708 port enables the CL-100 to talk to other parts of the machinery that operate on that protocol.

As with all CANLink family components, the CL-100 is field-rugged and is not affected by high EMI/RFI, extreme vibration and temperatures, dirt, moisture and harsh equipment wash downs. The engineering staff at HED works closely with designers to provide the modules and software that meet customer demands.
HED is a leading supplier of state-of-the-art electronics for truck, vehicle, and off-road machine applications. Contact HED for a free copy of the new brochure on the expanded CANLink family.

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