Centering Microscopes offer 3-coordinate job setup, inspection.

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With internally located reticle, Models X-I/II, Y-I/II/III/IV, and Z-1 collectively offer magnifications that range from 10X–200X and can be increased with video enhancement beyond 400X depending on size of monitor and camera used. Centering scope can turn any machine with accurate readout capabilities into inspection center. Hardened and ground ½ in. dia shanks foster adaptability to machines via adjustable collets, and multiple options are available.

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Centering Microscopes from Titan Tool Offer Three Coordinate Job Set-up and Inspection

Titan Tool Supply Co., Inc. of Buffalo NY, now offers its unique line of centering microscopes for use on Three Coordinate Measuring Machines, Vertical Milling Machines, Jig Borers, Jig Grinders, Electrical Discharge Machines, and Lathes, centered to the center of rotation of the spindle.

With the reticle located in the microscope, the basic microscopes can be purchased with magnifications from 10X to 200X. These magnifications can be improved and increased with video enhancement beyond 400X, depending on size of the monitor and camera used. The centering scope can turn any machine with accurate readout capabilities into an inspection center at a much lower cost than standard optical measuring machines, video probes, toolmakers’ microscopes and other single-purpose optical machines designed for this purpose, according to Titan Tool.

Since all Titan Centering Microscopes display an upright image, optically correct from left to right, the operator sees the workpiece through the microscope the same as without it. This feature eliminates mistakes resulting from confusion in transposing or converting the optical image.

Titan’s Centering Microscopes are available in seven different models:

• Model X-I – with magnification of 20X and 40X

• Model X-II – with magnification of 50X and 100X

• Model Y-I – with magnification of 20X and 40X

• Model Y-II – with magnification of 50X and 100X

• Model Y-III – with magnification of 100X and 200X

• Model Y-IV – with magnification of 200X and 400X

• Model Z-I – with magnification of 10X and 20X

The design of the microscopes features hardened and ground 1/2” diameter shanks which makes them easily adaptable to all machines through the use of adjustable collets.

Options include eyepieces to increase magnification, reticles in metric and inch, fiberoptic ring illuminators and video adapters which increase the magnification range, improve resolution, relieve eye-strain, allow for viewing on large machines where it is impossible to bend over the machine and also allow the image to be frozen, digitized and computerized.

Titan Centering Microscopes can  be found in a variety of industrial applications, including: surface finish inspection; drilling of printed circuit boards through prior location and centering; picking up details too small or inaccessible to an indicator or edge finder; three coordinate measuring and inspection of dies, molds, castings and precision parts.

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