Cement Manufacturers to Buy Emission Monitors for Compliance with EPA's MACT Rule

FARMINGDALE, N.Y. - (OTC:CTEI) Cemtrex Inc. (www.cemtrex.com) announced today that it is experiencing increased level of inquiries in its emission monitors from cement companies. On July 18, 2012, the EPA had proposed amendments to the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for the Cement Manufacturing Industry and set a compliance deadline date of September 9, 2015. With this compliance date fast approaching Cement manufacturers are preparing to install monitoring instruments that would measure Mercury (Hg), Hydrogen Chloride (HCl), Particulate Matter (PM) and Total Hydro Carbons (THC) discharging from their stack.  

Cemtrex is well positioned to offer a complete monitoring package enabling these facilities to meet the compliance targets at minimum cost. The Mercury CEMS that Cemtrex have installed in the past at Cement Kilns, are specifically designed for the complex cement manufacturing process since other competitive monitoring systems in the market today are found to have issues with over reporting of mercury emissions. The Cemtrex systems have passed several site approvals already. The back scatter technology that Cemtrex employs for PM Monitoring is also ideally suitable for Cement operations and offers both opacity and mass concentration measurements as an added benefit. The HCl and THC are combined in Cemtrex's IntelliCEMS package that also seamlessly interfaces with the Hg and PM CEMS to meet the Cement industry MACT compliance objectives. Cemtrex estimates that each system will cost approximately $0.50 million and there are about  156 kilns that will be affected by this EPA MACT  Rule in USA.

About Cemtrex

Cemtrex is a technology company that operates in a wide array of business segments and provides solutions to meet today's industrial challenges. The Company provides electronic manufacturing services of printed circuit board assemblies, provides instruments & emission monitors for industrial processes, and provides industrial air filtration & environmental control systems.

Cemtrex through its wholly owned subsidiary ROB Cemtrex GmbH provides electronic manufacturing services, which includes printed circuit board assemblies and completely assembled electronic products. The Company through its Monitoring Instruments and Products (MIP) division manufactures sells, and services instruments, software and systems for monitoring emissions of Greenhouse gases, hazardous gases, particulate and other regulated pollutants used in emissions trading globally.

Cemtrex also markets technologies for generating carbon credits from low temperature catalytic oxidation of methane ventilating from coal mines.  Cemtrex also provides Green Direct Control Ventilation (DCV) systems for commercial buildings to provide energy efficiency of up to 40% on existing and new installations. The Company sells air filtration and environmental control products through its subsidiary Griffin Filters LLC.


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