CEM Releases Latest Software Version for AC2000 SE (Standard Edition)


CEM Systems, a leading access control brand ofTyco International,today announced the release of version 5.5 of its core CEM AC2000 SE security management system. Significant changes include a new graphical user interface for the software splash screens, improved security log-on, enhanced reporting tools and a central overview screen that now allows clients to view alarms across multiple sites.

The CEM AC2000 SE system is an advanced security management system that is ideal for medium to large scale applications. The system offers advanced access control, alarm processing, photo badging and external systems integration, with a comprehensive software suite for administration and advanced reporting.

"This latest v5.5 software release marks our commitment to continually design and develop the CEM AC2000 SE system in line with customer feedback," commented Andrew Fulton, Business Development Director of Tyco International's CEM products. "With strong customer relationships we constantly enhance the system scope, functionality and performance, making it one of the most proven and comprehensive security systems available in the market today," Fulton continued.

There are a host of new features available with AC2000 SE v5.5 including:

A new global Alarm Event Display (AED) overview screen has been created to allow operators to view all alarm activity across multiple, linked sites from a central overview screen.

Ethernet interface to external systems. Users can now send alarm information and communicate via AC2000 SE to an external system over Ethernet without the typical restriction of an RS232 serial communication. This new feature offers clients added flexibility and scope to integrate with external systems in different site/building locations.

A new Application Programming Interface (API) to allow third parties to develop their client software on AC2000 SE.

Improved security logon. The AC2000 SE logon now incorporates an optional security policy screen. This was designed to support clients' formal security policy/statements by requiring operators to accept the policy before gaining access to the system. Additional security logon improvements include an automatic disable function if an operator's account is not used for 60 days or if 3 successive invalid logon attempts have been made.

Other features that have been incorporated into the latest version include new "look and feel" splash screens, increased support for up to 176 workstation clients from a single central server, support for DSC intruder panels and a new automatic report scheduler for improved reporting.

About Tyco International's CEM Systems access control technologies

CEM Systems is an access control technology by Tyco International, an $18 billion business comprised of some of the world's leading security brands, including access control and video solutions designed to exactly match the requirements of your business.

The CEM brand of access control provides highly advanced security management solutions which include integrated access control, ID badging, alarm monitoring, people counting systems and the industry's most advanced and flexible range of card readers. Powerful integration with American Dynamics Intellex(TM) digital video management systems provides a complete video and access control solution that is unmatched in the security industry.

From a small facility using the highly innovative webEntry Pro, to a large multi-site facility with tens of thousands of users enrolled in the sophisticated AC2000 access control system, CEM branded products provide a solution to meet even the most complex needs. Highly regarded in airports as the security solution of choice, each CEM system can be customized to specifically fit the needs of each individual customer, ensuring a powerful, highly tailored level of protection that simply cannot be matched in the industry.

With integration platforms unrivaled in the industry, our solutions work seamlessly together as well as with other Tyco products such as SimplexGrinnell's fire systems and DSC's intrusion panels.

More information on Tyco's access control and video technologies can be found at www.tyco.com.

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