Cellular Urethanes exhibit little compression set.

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PORON® Series 4790-92 products are cast directly onto 0.002 in. polyester film for stability. Finished products exhibit less than 2% compression set, low outgassing, and low fogging. Slow rebound materials retain properties at constant temperatures up to 158°F and can survive intermittent temperatures up to 250°F. Available in 12 and 15 lb densities, they can fill gaps, provide seals, and protect components from environmental hazards and harmful vibrations.

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Softer, More Compressible Poron® Cellular Urethanes

**Six Additions to the Extra Soft - Slow Rebound 4790-92 Portfolio**

Rogers, CT, September 22, 2003: Rogers Corporation (NYSE:ROG) today announced the addition of six new, extra-soft materials to its 4790-92 PORON® Urethanes family. In response to customer requests for softer, more compressible material options, Rogers is offering the following in 12 and 15 pound-density products. These low-density products are up to 90% softer than the previous extra soft - slow rebound materials. The slow rebound materials have longer recovery time, experience less than 2% compression set, and are ideal for applications requiring low closure forces.

Material Part Density Thickness
Description No. lb/ft³(kg/m³)
92-12020 0311 12 (192) .020" (0,50mm)
92-12030 0315 12 (192) .030" (0,75mm)
92-12039 0319 12 (192) .039" (1,00mm)
92-12049 0306 12 (192) .049" (1,25mm)
92-12059 0308 12 (192) .059" (1,50mm)
92-15039 0320 15 (240) .039" (1,00mm)

As handheld and electronic devices become more compact and technologically advanced, design engineers require thinner and softer materials to solve their gasket and cushioning challenges. To meet their needs, materials must be produced in a variety of thicknesses and densities, with resistance to extreme temperatures, shock, and compression-set. The availability of PORON Urethanes in various formulations, thicknesses, and densities makes them an ideal solution for filling gaps, providing seals, and protecting components from environmental hazards and harmful vibrations.

The low-density 4790-92 PORON products are cast directly onto a 0.002" (50 micron) polyester film (PET). This provides enhanced product stability and strength not available in conventional foams. The finished products exhibit little compression set, low outgassing (ASTM E595), and low fogging (SAE J-1576). The materials will retain their properties at constant temperatures of up to 158°F (70°C) and can survive intermittent temperatures of up to 250°F (121°C). Additionally, the PET film may enhance the use of adhesives and ease fabrication of die-cut parts.

Rogers Corporation, headquartered in Rogers, CT, U.S.A., develops and manufactures high performance specialty materials focusing on the wireless communications and computer markets. Rogers operates manufacturing facilities in Connecticut, Arizona, and Illinois in the U.S. and in Ghent, Belgium. Sales offices are located in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore. Rogers has joint ventures in Japan with Inoac Corporation, in Taiwan with Chang Chun Plastics, and in the U.S. with Mitsui Chemicals and with 3M Corporation.

PORON is a licensed trademark of Rogers Corporation.

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