Cellular Signal Enhancers are designed for in-vehicle use.

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Used to improve signal strength and coverage of cellular phones, In-Vehicle Cellular Signal Enhancers operate at 800 and 1,900 MHz. Wireless model works with Analog/AMPS, CDMA, TDMA, and GSM carrier protocols and includes bi-directional amplifier, antennas, and DC cable. In-Line version is intended for use with hands-free car kits where there is hardwire connection to cellular phone's antenna. Both models provide gain in transmit and receive modes.

Original Press Release:

Richardson Electronics Launches New Line of Cellular Signal Enhancers

LaFox, Ill USA, September 23, 2004: Richardson Electronics (Nasdaq: RELL), a global provider of engineered solutions for the RF and wireless communications market, today announces a strategic expansion of its engineered solutions products that includes a line of new Cellular Signal Enhancer designed for in-vehicle use to improve the signal strength and coverage of cellular phones when used in automobiles, trucks, recreational vehicles and boats. The announcement reinforces Richardson's position as a leading provider of new and innovative RF and wireless communications solutions.

Richardson sets its sights on an expanding target market

With the increased demand and use of cellular phones in today's consumer marketplace, Richardson has designed the In-Vehicle Cellular Signal Enhancers to accommodate how cellular phones are being used in today's operating environment. Representing the leading edge of wireless technology, the In-Vehicle Cellular Signal Enhancers, developed by Richardson's RF Engineered Solutions division (RES Ltd.), can be easily installed into a vehicle in order to facilitate a strong and consistent cellular signal. The products are dual band (able to operate at both 800 and 1900 MHz) and are compatible with all current cellular service providers. As the general public continues to rely more and more on cellular communication, Richardson recognizes the significant growth potential and demand for its new In-Vehicle Cellular Signal Enhancer listing of products. Richardson will focus the marketing and sales of these new products to distributors of cellular accessories, major electronics retail chains and aftermarket electronics resellers/installers. The product will also be available to the general public via Richardson's web site: cell.rell.com.

Richardson offers multiple variations of the In-Vehicle Cellular Signal Enhancer

With an array of cellular phone users in mind, Richardson Electronics has designed each of the following products to improve its customers' cellular coverage.

The Wireless Cellular Signal Enhancer works with all current carrier protocols (Analog/AMPS, CDMA, TDMA and GSM) at 800 and 1900MHz and is compatible with Bluetooth® hands-free car kits. It is wireless, meaning no physical connection to the phone is needed. It will operate with any type of cellular phone handset providing increased range for both the transmit and receive modes. The Wireless Cellular Signal Enhancer includes a bi-directional amplifier, antennas and a DC cable for quick and easy installation. Accessories may also be purchased for either a permanent or portable installation.

The Wireless Cellular Signal Enhancer increases signal strength by as much as 10 times, thus dramatically reducing the number of dropped calls, increasing call clarity and extending the coverage of your cellular phone. Because your cell phone receives a stronger signal, the Wireless Cellular Signal Enhancer will also allow phone operation at a reduced power level - increasing the life of the battery and providing greater safety.

The In-Line Cellular Signal Enhancer is intended for use with hands-free car kits where there is a hardwire connection to the cellular phone's antenna. This product is used to boost signal levels in communications systems to compensate for signal losses in wireless telephone systems. It is compatible with Analog/CDMA/TDMA/GSM formats in the 800 MHz and 1900 MHz frequency bands and will accept any of the aforementioned modulation formats without switching or requiring information on what band or format is being sent. Like the wireless unit, the In-Line Cellular Signal Enhancer provides gain in both the transmit and receive modes. The unit has a low current standby feature, which sets the unit at less than 100uA current draw and requires an existing external antenna and hands-free cradle for connection to your cellular phone.

The In-Line Cellular Signal Enhancer offers the same advantages of the wireless unit in terms of increasing signal strength, extending coverage and battery life and providing greater safety because the phone operates at a reduced a power level.

Both the Wireless and the In-Line Cellular Signal Enhancers can be customized for specific applications, including use on recreational vehicles and boats. For an overview of product specifications please visit cell.rell.com.

Product Availability

Richardson is working with leading cellular accessory distributors and resellers. If you have interest in becoming an authorized distributor or reseller, please contact us at: daver@rell.com. You can also purchase the Cellular Signal Enhancers by visiting our web site.

· For purchasing information please visit: cell.rell.com

Product Technical Support

Upon purchase of the In-Vehicle Cellular Signal Enhancers, customers will have access to Richardson Electronics' Product Technical Support Team. Featuring the availability and support of qualified technical specialists 24 hours/7 days per week, contact with the Product Technical Support Team can be made via phone or over the internet at:

· Phone 800-471-2012
· support.rell.com

About Richardson Electronics' RES Division

RES (RF Engineered Solutions) is a division of Richardson Electronics, Ltd. Established in 2004, RES is an exclusive supplier to Richardson Electronics of RF and wireless design, manufacturing and RF testing services. Along with product design and manufacturing facilities in Europe and North America, RES also encompasses strategic vendor alliances to accommodate the requirements of Richardson's RF and wireless customers.

About Richardson Electronics

Richardson Electronics, Ltd. is a global provider of "engineered solutions," serving the RF and wireless communications, industrial power conversion, security and display systems markets. The Company delivers engineered solutions for its customers' needs through product manufacturing, systems integration, prototype design and manufacture, testing and logistics. Press announcements and other information about Richardson are available on the World Wide Web at http://rell.com/investor.asp.

For product availability and further information on the In-Vehicle Cellular Signal Enhancer, please visit cell.rell.com.

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