Cell Transfer System uses automated micromanipulation.

Press Release Summary:

Quixell Cell Selection and Transfer System picks up and transfers single cells, one at a time, into isolated growth chambers. It includes motorized microscope stage, which holds source and destination plates, Z-axis drive to position pipette system, and electronic unit with joystick and keypad for microprocessor controlled selection and transfer. Desired cell is targeted with joystick, collected into micropipette, and deposited in microtiter plate using keystrokes.

Original Press Release:

Quixell(TM) Cell Transfer System for the Automated Selection and Transfer of Single Cells

The Quixell Cell Selection and Transfer System from Stoelting Co. uses automated micromanipulation to pick up and transfer single cells--one cell at a time--and deposit them into isolated growth chambers. Quixell speeds up subcloning times a hundred-fold compared to serial dilution techniques. The desired cell is targeted with a joystick movement, and with a few keystrokes collected into a micropipette. Another single keystroke automatically transfers and deposits the cell in the next sequential well of a microtiter plate. The Quixell allows you to place exactly one cell in each well.

The Quixell system includes a motorized microscope stage capable of holding "source" and "destination" plates, a Z axis drive to precisely position the unique pipette system, and an electronic unit with a joystick and keypad for microprocessor controlled selection and transfer.

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