Celanese Invites the Coatings Industry to "Take a New Look at Vinyls" at ACS 2010

VAE emulsions fulfill the requirements for high-performing, sustainable low VOC paints

Charlotte, North Carolina - At a time when "environmentally-friendly" is in great demand, paint and adhesive manufacturers are seeking effective answers to their product development challenges. That's why Celanese Emulsions, at this year's American Coatings Show (ACS), is inviting the industry to take a fresh look at vinyl-based technology to help them deliver a new generation of eco-friendly products that are high in performance and low in environmental impact.

With a line-up full of new products on display at ACS, Celanese is demonstrating the excellent value of vinyl-based emulsions for a variety of applications. Compared with other technologies, Celanese' vinyl emulsions, especially vinyl acetate/ethylene (VAE), demonstrate greater performance while taking up a smaller carbon footprint than other traditional acrylic-based technologies, a recent study by SRI shows. Moreover, vinyl-based technology has shown to be a source-stable raw material even as these others face supply constraints and price hikes.

"Have you looked at vinyl-based emulsions lately? If you have, you can see that we have so much to offer, whether your needs are for low emissions, excellent wet scrub resistance or formulation compatibility," said Craig Mitchell, Celanese Commercial Director. "Vinyl-based emulsions such as VAE continue to gain momentum under these market conditions because formulators are discovering all the excellent properties they offer while being cost-effective. We believe that in taking a fresh look at our product line, formulators will see all that vinyl can do for them."

One of the key technologies they will see at this year's ACS is an expansion in the EcoVAE® series of vinyl acetate/ethylene emulsions, now used in decorative coatings across the Americas and Asia. With the introduction of EcoVAE® 405 and 408 at the show, this line now offers a choice of products with superior performance and increased capabilities. In numerous tests against nationally ranked paints, interior flat paints made with EcoVAE® 405 demonstrate better wet scrub resistance than all-acrylic emulsions, further boosting the value propositions of vinyl acetate/ethylene technology in the marketplace. Similarly, paints made with EcoVAE® 408 boast the same high-performance profile but are also freeze-thaw stable up to five cycles. This is especially important in Northern regions where paint can freeze in transit.

Celanese is also showcasing several other products designed to support specific performance needs. Resyn® 7305, a vinyl acrylic resin, is ideal for formulating excellent stain removal and sealing properties into both interior and exterior paints. APE-free, the polymer emulsion helps formulators or specifiers reach various green certifications. Resyn® 7305 can be used to formulate freeze/thaw stable coatings.

Another Celanese product being displayed at ACS is Celvaset(TM) PL-1000, a coalescing agent with less than 2 g/L VOC as tested at an independent lab. Chemists will find Celvaset(TM) PL-1000 easy to formulate into conventional VAE, vinyl acrylic or all-acrylic interior or exterior coatings. The technology can be used to achieve formulations with less than 50 g/l VOC while offering superior film durability.

Addressing formulators of adhesives and construction products at ACS
At this year's ACS, Celanese is hoping to attract more adhesives and construction product formulators. "A number of coatings companies manufacture and distribute products other than their paint lines, and ACS is an ideal venue to address these other needs," said Mitchell. For this reason, Celanese is also showcasing its TufCOR(TM) brand of emulsions, key building block materials for construction products such as tape-joint compounds, caulks and sealants, mastics, cement bonding and liquid admixtures. At ACS, the company is introducing TufCOR(TM) 703, an emulsion designed for interior painter's caulk.

With so many of its vinyl-based and low-VOC technologies showcased at this year's ACS, Celanese is demonstrating why it continues to be a leader in environmentally-friendly technology for the paint and coatings industry. Moreover, the company's offerings are a combination of superior performance and eco-friendliness sought after by many paint and coatings manufacturers. And with so many formulators now embracing VAE technology in their products, it's clear the industry is taking a closer look at vinyl-based emulsions as an alternative to traditional acrylic-based chemistry. And, why it's taking a closer look at Celanese.

About Celanese

As a global leader in the chemicals industry, Celanese Corporation makes products essential to everyday living. Our products, found in consumer and industrial applications, are manufactured in North America, Europe and Asia. Net sales totaled $5.1 billion in 2009, with approximately 73% generated outside of North America. Known for operational excellence and execution of its business strategies, Celanese delivers value to customers around the globe with innovations and best-in-class technologies. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company employs approximately 7,400 employees worldwide. For more information on Celanese Corporation, please visit the company's website at www.celanese.com.

About the Emulsion Polymers Business of Celanese

The Emulsion Polymers business of Celanese is a global leader in developing products and application technology to improve performance, create value and drive innovation in a broad range of industrial and consumer end-use applications including adhesives, coatings, engineered fabrics, glass fibers, paper, textiles and more. The business has manufacturing facilities worldwide and is supported by expert technical service regionally. More information about the Emulsions Polymers business of Celanese is available at www.celanese-emulsions.com.

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