Ceiling-Mount Intrusion Detector offers false alarm immunity.

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Featuring Anti-Cloak Technology (ACT) to detect intruder camouflage attempts, UL listed Industrial LuNAR detector can be installed up to 28 ft high, offering 360° coverage area emanating in cone-shaped pattern from detector to 60 ft dia. It incorporates 3 independently adjustable photo infrared (PIR) channels, along with one microwave channel. Bi-directional IR remote control programming tool enables adjustments and diagnostics of detector, while 3 tri-color LEDs aid walk-testing.

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RISCO Group Introduces Industrial LuNAR Ceiling-Mount Detector

Installs Up To 3 Stories; Provides Detection Accuracy, False Alarm Immunity.

Melville, NY - RISCO Group USA, a leading provider of integrated security systems, introduces the Industrial LuNAR addressable dual-technology ceiling-mount intrusion detector. Combining detection accuracy with false alarm immunity, the detector can be installed up to 28 feet high and has Anti-Cloak Technology (ACT) to detect intruder camouflage attempts. The Industrial LuNAR detector incorporates three independently adjustable photo infrared (PIR) channels for customized coverage, along with a microwave channel. Intelligent digital signal processing adjusts alarm threshold and pulse count verification to accommodate actual intruder behavior and environmental factors. The detector is suitable for warehouses with high ceilings as well as mall applications and can operate in higher temperatures common in warehouse settings.

The coverage area is 360 degrees, emanating in a cone-shaped pattern from the Industrial LuNAR detector mounted in a ceiling to a 60-foot diameter, and lens positions are adjustable according to installation height; between 9 feet and 28 feet. Three tri-color light-emitting diodes (LEDs) make walk-testing easy, while remote microwave adjustment with either the RISCO Smart Bus or Remote programming tool enables one-man walk-testing without climbing ladders.

The bi-directional infrared remote control programming tool enables adjustments and diagnostics of the detector. Alternately, it can be controlled by either the RISCO Touch Screen or (LCD) keypad; or through the upload/download software when used together with RISCO's ProSys(TM) Integrated Security System. Diagnostic tools include detector input voltage reading and status of each PIR channel and the microwave channel (signal voltage and noise levels). Remote display and control of detector settings include microwave adjustment, ACT (Anti-Cloaking) on/off, and LEDs on/off. Remote trouble indication (pass/fail) is provided for the PIR, microwave and power supply input.

"The Industrial LuNAR is the most intelligent ceiling detector available on the market, combining ease of installation with myriad benefits for the user," said Len Friedman, President and CEO of RISCO Group USA. "Its integration capability with RISCO's ProSYS Integrated Security System provides the added advantage of power savings."

The ProSYS IP-based Security System is one of a suite of converged security and building management systems offered by RISCO Group USA, in addition to the SynopSYS(TM) Integrated Site Management Platform, WatchOUT(TM) Reliable Outdoor Detection Solution, AGM Universal Module for cellular communications from any alarm panel and other integrated technologies.

The Industrial Lunar is UL Listed for Commercial use.

For more information, call 631-719-4400, visit riscogroup.com, or email sales-usa@riscogroup.com.

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