Ceiling Air Diffuser will not rust in damp environments.

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With Quick Connect™ center knob, HAVACO 2 x 2 ft Plastic T-bar Drop-in 3-Cone Supply Grille enables easy removal of two center cones for cleaning, making it suitable for restaurants that need to clean grease off ceiling diffusers. Users turn knob and cones drop out for cleaning in sink. Base cone can be wiped out with degreaser spray and cloth. In addition to restaurants, damp environments such as spas and locker rooms will not have to replace diffusers often or use stainless steel models.

Original Press Release:

New Plastic Supply Air Diffuser Saves Time Cleaning Will Not Rust In Damp Environments

Comfort First Products has added the HAVACO 2′ x 2′ plastic T-bar ceiling drop-in 3 cone supply grille to their line of diffuser products. A key feature is the Quick Connect™ easy attach center knob for quick and easy removal of the two center cones for fast and efficient cleanability.  It’s a perfect product for restaurants that need to clean grease off their ceiling diffusers.  “You just turn the knob and the cones drop out so you can easily clean it in the sink and the base cone can be wiped out with a degreaser spray and cloth!” said David Northcutt, the National Sales Manager.  Whether its grease or dust, cleaning time is reduced by more than half, said Northcutt.  Damp environments like spas and locker rooms will love that they don’t have to replace the diffusers every few years or go to the expense of stainless steel diffusers.

The cone diffuser joins the Comfort First Filtered Diffuser and Control-A-Flow Draft Eliminator as value added products designed to solve specific, common problems.  “Our products improve the overall quality of life within the office environment!” said President and CEO Jan Rowley.  The Control-A-Flow is a device that clips onto the T-bar and two 12″ by 24″ deflector panels ride on two rails and re-directs the air along the ceiling to prevent it from blowing onto workers below.  It is also available with an anti-microbial filter to capture ductwork pollution and destroy 86.5% of airborne microorganisms on contact.

The Comfort First Filtered Diffuser replaces existing diffusers and offers 4-way adjustable air flow while capturing ductwork pollution at a 40% efficiency at 3/10th of a micron.  “By eliminating complaints of drafts and allergic reactions to duct pollution, companies save money from fewer sick days taken and increased morale,” explained Northcutt.  With indoor air quality concerns growing, employers are on the look out for affordable ways to protect their employees from illness and discomfort while increasing productivity.” You drink filtered water, shouldn’t you breathe filtered air? said Northcutt. 

Available directly from IDM (www.comfortfirstproducts.com )

e-mail: sales@comfortfirstproducts.com )  800-804-3366

Or from dealers across the country.


Comfort First Products, IDM, Inc. manufactures indoor air quality products that work to increase comfort and improve airflow while maintaining proper system balance.  Founded in 1977, the company expanded into the HVAC space with the goal of solving a common workplace problem – air comfort – or more aptly, the lack thereof, by introducing the Control-A-Flow® Draft Eliminator.  It works by easily installing over existing vents to immediately increase comfort levels while simultaneously improving air quality through advanced anti-microbial filtration of dust, pollens, rust and other airborne pollutants.  IDM Inc. currently holds two product patents for their innovative HVAC technology as well as several awards for their winning product designs.  Located in Santa Ana, Calif. the company can be reached by phoning 800-804-3366.

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