CDMA Transmitter offers CW module.

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Crocodile(TM), with optional CW module, can transmit continuous wave signal from 25-45 W cellular or 10-20 W PCS depending upon configuration. It is housed in high-impact, water-resistant case, operates from AC or battery power, and is suitable for field use. Crocodile simulates all 512 base stations with definable PN offsets, Pilot I and Q modulated output, rubidium stability, and full VSWR protection.

Original Press Release:

Crocodile CDMA + CW Update

METUCHEN, New Jersey -- February 1, 2003 -- Berkeley's powerful Crocodile CDMA Transmitter takes on the Gator

Crocodile(TM) CDMA Transmitter now features an optional internal
CW module allowing Crocodile to transmit a continuous wave
signal from 25 to 45 watts (Cellular) or 10 to 20 watts (PCS)
depending upon the configuration. Both CDMA and CW are
housed together in the same portable, ruggedized case weighing
only 24 pounds. Available now.

Crocodile(TM) is a Berkeley's powerful IS-95 CDMA Transmitter ideal for simulating a CDMA Base Station. The transmitter is housed in a high impact, water resistant case, operates from AC or battery power and is ideal for field use. Available in either PCS or Cellular, the Crocodile(TM) simulates all 512 base stations with definable PN offsets (64 chip increments), Pilot I and Q modulated output, rubidium stability and full VSWR protection.

Gator(TM) features Class A amplifiers with adjustable power output in 0.1 dB steps, VSWR protection, FCC Type Acceptance, CE Approval, light weight (under 25 lbs.) and weatherproof housing. Available in Cellular (25 or 45 watt) and PCS (10 or 20 watt) as well as LMR, Paging, GSM, iDEN, SMR, AMPS, ETACS, PACS, IS-136 and IVDS bands.

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