CD Source Retrofit Package supports continuous operation.

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Designed to support Intevac 200 lean disk manufacturing system, Diamonex CD Source(TM) Retrofit Package meets requirements of ultra-thin carbon overcoats for magnetic recording hard disks. Broad-beam, high-current density design minimizes surface damage from high-energy ion, while gridless ion source provides high ion flux. Substrate biasing is not required, as ion beam from CD ion source is neutralized to prevent charging. Source employs dc power supply, avoiding issues of RF tuning.

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Diamonex Products Introduces CD Source Retrofit Package

The Diamonex® Products Division of Morgan Advanced Ceramics (MAC), a world-leading supplier of innovative ceramic solutions for the medical, telecommunications, semiconductor and aerospace markets, introduces its CD SOURCE(TM) Retrofit System to support the Intevac® 200 Lean® disk manufacturing system. Diamonex CD SOURCE Retrofit Systems are designed to meet the demanding requirements of ultra-thin diamond-like carbon (DLC) overcoats for current and next-generation magnetic recording hard disks.

The Diamonex CD SOURCE Retrofit Systems are robust and readily integrated into existing hard disk manufacturing deposition systems. The hardware is designed with manufacturing environments in mind for continuous operation over extended run times. The CD SOURCE anode is a patented design that allows significant build-up of material on the anode channel surfaces without compromising source stability. Long-run stability has been shown in customer applications where the source will run continuously for over 170-hours with constant DLC film quality.

The broad-beam, low-energy, high-current density design of the CD SOURCE minimizes surface damage from high-energy ions. Its hall-current, closed-drift design results in a gridless ion source that provides a high ion flux. Substrate biasing is not required, as the ion beam from the CD SOURCE is fully neutralized to prevent substrate charging. The source employs a DC power supply, avoiding the issues of RF power. The robust design does not contain filaments that may degrade or break during critical processes. The system has no process gas restrictions, and therefore, aggressive etch gases can be used if required.

The CD SOURCE Retrofit System for the 200 Lean system is currently available for demonstration at a customer's site. This package consists of two 1600 lps turbomolecular pumps, backed by a single dry scroll pump. Two process chambers attach to opposite sides of the 200 Lean process module, with an internal CD SOURCE positioned concentrically within each process chamber. The ion sources are powered by two integrated modular power supplies (IMS), the most compact and latest power supply design from Diamonex. The IMS consists of an Advanced Energy® Pinnacle® supply to provide power to the anode and hollow-cathode and an Integrated Magnet Module (IMM). The IMM sends power to the CD SOURCE electromagnet and provides beam parameter control through a feedback loop or by manual control. The IMM also includes the required inputs for accepting the disk coating systems automation signals.

A Diamonex CD SOURCE Retrofit System is now available for major OEM platforms including the Intevac 250B and 200 Lean, and the Anelva® C-3010 and 3040, with an installed base of manufacturing tools. The CD SOURCE can also be integrated into existing disk manufacturing tools for surface cleaning and texturing.

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