CCTV Power Supply can replace 16 individual power sources.

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Providing eight 12 Vdc and eight 24 Vac outputs, ENFORCER EVP-124M6-P16 centralizes power sources for multiple CCTV cameras and/or CCTV accessories. Power input, power transformer, dc converter, and all fused power outputs are housed in 12 x 12 x 3½ in. steel enclosure with ventilation holes and removable cover. All outputs feature red LED status indicators and resettable positive temperature coefficient-type fuses rated for 1.1 A at 250 Vac.

Original Press Release:

SECO-LARM Introduces the Latest in its Line of Video Cameras and Accessories: an AC/DC CCTV Power Supply

ENFORCER CCTV power supplies centralize the power sources for multiple CCTV cameras and/or CCTV accessories. The power input, power transformer, DC converter, and all fused power outputs are enclosed in one heavy-duty, easy-to-install enclosure. As a result, an ENFORCER CCTV power supply can replace sixteen individual power sources.

The new EVP-124M6-P16 power supply solves the problem of CCTV installations which include both standard CCTV cameras, which usually require 24VAC, and 12VDC devices, such as most bullet cameras. It provides eight 12VDC and eight 24VAC outputs. The eight DC outputs are output-voltage adjustable with a potentiometer to compensate for voltage drop (12.0~15.1VDC). All outputs are individually fused with resettable Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC)-type output fuses rated for 1.1 Amps @ 250VAC, and have individual red LED status indicators.

Separate main power switches turn on/off power to all AC or all DC outputs. The UL-approved power transformer uses 120VAC @ 60Hz at a total power rating of 6 Amps, or 3 Amps for AC and 3 Amps for DC. A spare fuse and a 6-foot power cord are included.

The 12" x 12" x 3-1/2" case is made of heavy-duty steel to protect the power connections, with a removable steel cover for easy access, ventilation holes to prevent heat build-up, and an AC terminal block for easy connection from the transformer to the 6-foot power cord.

The EVP-124M6-P16 CCTV power supply is just one of SECO-LARM's wide selection of alarms and accessories for the security and electronics industries. For more information about the AC/DC power supply or any of SECO-LARM's full line of security systems and accessories, or to request our latest catalog, please contact the SECO-LARM Sales Department (949) 261-2999 (California), or (800) 662-0800, or fax (949) 261-7326 or visit us on the Web at

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