CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. is proud to Introduce the Cata-Dyne(TM) LS, Liquid Start Catalytic Heater

Edmonton - CCI Thermal Technologies Inc is proud to announce the release of the Cata-Dyne(TM) LS.

With the same reliability, versatility and ingenuity of the Cata-Dyne(TM) family of heaters the Cata-Dyne(TM) LS has been coupled with an evolution in technology improving start-uptimes from 15 minutes to less than 5 minutes, while simplifying the installation and lowering costs.

CCI Thermal centered their development efforts around a new heater start-up system that decreases heater start-up time to under five minutes. This system utilizes a new advanced catalyst and a liquid injection system that allows an operator to start four Cata-Dyne(TM) LS heaters in the time it takes to start a standard Cata-Dyne(TM).

"We added product development in response to our customers needs by eliminating all electrical hook-ups for ease of installation and versatility while lowering installation costs." said Bernie Moore, President and Chief Operating Officer. "The Cata-Dyne(TM) LS is truly the first of its kind."

CCI Thermal Technologies is based in Edmonton, Alberta and maintains manufacturing facilities in Edmonton, Alberta; Greensburg, Indiana; Oakville and Orillia, Ontario. As a leader in heating and filtration solutions, CCI Thermal manufactures six of the top brands in industrial heating:

As a leader in advanced heating and filtration solutions with facilities across North America, CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. manufactures five of the top brands in industrial heating in addition to a comprehensive line of engineered industrial filtration products including:

Cata-Dyne(TM) Explosion-Proof Catalytic Heaters

Ruffneck(TM) Heaters for the Harshest Environments

Caloritech(TM) Engineered Electric Heat

Norseman(TM) Electric Explosion-Proof Heaters

DriQuik(TM) Infrared Ovens

3L Filters(TM) Engineered Filtration Systems

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Bernard C. Moore, P. Eng. President & COO

CCI Thermal Technologies Inc.

Phone: (780) 466.3178

Fax: (780) 468.5904


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