CCD Camera detects, deters, and immobilizes intruders.

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Equipped with 7.5 or 12 million candlepower spotlight, Illuminator can temporarily disorient encroaching individuals who are within 1 or 1.5 mile radius when used in deterrence mode. For standalone capability, camera can be controlled through GUI or joystick. Unit is available with optional filter for covert near-IR operation, optional CCD lens doubler for increased CCD range, and optional auto-tracking via integrated ground-based radar system.

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ICx(TM) Technologies Unveils a New Deterrence Camera with Non-Lethal Incapacitating Capabilities

LAS VEGAS, March 26 -- ICx Digital Infrared Imaging, a business unit of ICx Technologies, a national leader in the development of advanced technologies for effective security solutions, now offers the military and commercial security market an affordable deterrence system that utilizes a low-light CCD camera with a high-power spotlight to detect, deter, and immobilize intruders.

The Illuminator's spotlight, available in both a 7.5 and 12 million- candlepower (MCP) option, can temporarily disorient encroaching individuals who are within a one-mile radius when used in its deterrence mode. Additionally, it can be outfitted for covert near-IR capability.

"The camera is unique because it can Illuminate targets and show security forces where intrusion is occurring, making it very useful for first responders," said Nirav Pandya, General Manager of ICx Digital Infrared Imaging. "It has also been designed for ease of integration with legacy or new equipment," Pandya said. "For instance, it can be combined with industry-leading ICx millimeter wave radars to create a highly effective and multi-functional surveillance system that can visibly illuminate and track objects automatically."

The advantages of this camera are many, but it can be offered at a relatively low cost as compared to other covert cameras in the marketplace. Additionally, it can be used as a powerful tool to complement existing CCTV systems that need remote deterrence capability. Furthermore, it can be used effectively for search and rescue and crowd control.

Specifications include:
-- The 7.5 MCP spotlight can Illuminate targets up to 1 mile
-- The 12 MCP spotlight can illuminate targets up to 1.5 miles
-- An optional filter is available for covert near-IR operation
-- An optional CCD lens doubler is available for increased CCD range performance
-- For standalone capability, the camera can be controlled through a graphical user interface (GUI) or through a low-cost joystick
-- Optional auto-tracking via integrated ground based radar system
-- Can be deployed for remote operation by use of ICx Mobile Platforms
-- Continuous 360-degree pan capability
-- Optional thermal camera provides convert viewing of target while spotlight allows for visualization & interception by ground forces, response teams, or search & rescue.

ICx Digital Infrared Imaging is known as a leader in the custom development, design and manufacture of thermal imaging systems. It will debut the Illuminator to ISC West Expo in booth 32003 in Las Vegas from March 28-30.

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ICx Digital Infrared Imaging is a leader in the development, custom design and manufacture of thermal imaging systems. Its highly specialized cameras detect heat and infrared radiation, enabling the user to see in adverse conditions including total darkness, smoke, haze and most types of fog. The cameras also feature pan, tilt, zoom and image overlay technologies, which merge the thermal image with a visible light image to provide enhanced viewing abilities. All cameras are designed for customization, as well as for integration into existing systems. For more information, visit our Web site:

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