Caution: Rust Ahead -- Precision Finishing, Inc. Combats Corrosion Costs

Sellersville, PA - The warm temperatures make the summer months a great time for outdoor BBQs and lazy days at the beach. However, high heat and humidity also means rusty parts and manufacturing challenges for vibratory and barrel finishing departments. Fortunately, Precision Finishing Inc. realizes that process methods that are satisfactory during other seasons are often inadequate during the dog days of summer.

Jeffery Bell, president of the Sellersville, PA based firm notes, "Let's face it, rusty parts are more than just an inconvenience. Rust can be an expensive and disastrous problem for finishing departments that do not take proactive measures to inhibit rust. It's so important to consider overnight or weekend delays in production to ensure parts are protected from rust and arrive undamaged once ready for use."

Precision's water soluble CHEMTROL® 331 formulation provides just this type of too-often-overlooked protection. This water soluble corrosion inhibitor is formulated for mass-finishing applications and contains dual inhibitors for both wet and dry part surface conditions. CHEMTROL® 331 provides excellent inhibition during extended drying periods of up to 2 weeks without the presence of oil or other materials which must be removed from the part prior to coating or plating operations.

In addition, advanced CHEMTROL® formulations can actually inhibit rust for up to a year. The compound's versatile usage makes combating the summer's high temperatures and humidity simple. Precision Finishing Inc. recognizes that the margin for error turns against you in the summer and offers a turnkey solution to combat rust.
Bell points out, "The advantage of using this in-process inhibitor versus an oil-based preventative is that parts do not have to be washed again before further processing. It also prevents corrosion to parts that may be irreversible in some applications - you can save both time and money by proactively considering rust inhibitors in your processes."

About Precision Finishing, Inc.

Precision Finishing's ISO 9000:2008 Certified Facility offers a combined 270 years of experience utilizing surface preparation and finishing technology. From the beginning, every member of our organization has tested and refined each step of the finishing process. The firm both sells finishing equipment to customers and finishes parts in its own facilities. Precision's Chemtrol product is a line of innovative vibratory and washing compounds developed and manufactured in-house.

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