Catchpoint Trials Sherwood's DataLase® for Imaging on Self-Adhesive Backless Labels

(WIDNES, CHESHIRE, October 7th 2005) -The European Packaging and Waste Directives have put pressure on label producers to reduce the amount of paper waste they create. In response, Catchpoint has created a unique backless label which renders the wasteful backing on labels obsolete, thus helping to reduce the 104,200 tons of waste produced a year attributed to self adhesive label production. The company announces that it is currently trialling Sherwood Technology's innovative DataLase® colour change solution for marking directly on to the backless labels.

One metre of self adhesive labels produces one metre of waste silicone backing. Catchpoint backless labels match the practicality and versatility of traditional self adhesive labels while reducing this waste. The backless labels are stored in rolls, but are prevented from sticking to each other by a unique silicone coating that is incorporated into the lacquer on the non-adhesive side of the label. They remain non-sticky until the label is peeled from the roll when it can be attached to almost any substrate.

It has been identified that the silicone coating on the backless labels is non-compatible with some traditional printing materials, for example thermal transfer ribbon. Catchpoint has since discovered that Sherwood Technology's DataLase® technique is an effective and efficient alternative for imaging onto the unique backless labels.

Highly cost-effective, the DataLase® technology is able to image more labels, quicker and more efficiently as it does not require the changing of consumables on the production line. This technique also allows the user to digitally mark variable information with an absolute precision beyond traditional marking methods, thus making it possible to patch print rather than flood coat the label.

DataLase® utilises a chemistry which reacts with a beam of low power laser light which changes colour, thereby creating a positive image onto the coating of the label. The introduction of this solution has resulted in faster production run times for Catchpoint, lower overhead costs and has removed the need for expensive consumables on the production line.

Rick Leivers, Technical Manager at Catchpoint comments: "Backless labels can contribute significantly to the reduction in environmental wastage in the printing and packaging industry especially when as much as 50% of a regular label ends up as waste. We have received unprecedented interest in both DataLase® and our backless labels. By combining them, we forsee a revolutionary step forward in the way in which labels will be utilised in the future".

Both these technologies are now available as part of a licensing initiative. More information on DataLase® and Sherwood Technology is available at or by e-mail

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