Casting Compound suits embedding and casting applications.

Press Release Summary:

Flexible TRA-BOND 240-2 low-viscosity, polyurethane-casting system, suitable for low-vacuum applications, is NASA outgassing approved, and has near-zero shrinkage, providing low residual stress. Compound bonds to ceramics, glass, metals, and many plastics. Fully cured adhesive acts as electrical insulator.

Original Press Release:

TRA-BOND 240-2 Flexible Casting Compound

TRA-CON understands the needs of its' customers. As a leader in the adhesive industry for over thirty years, TRA-CON has continued to evolve and develop our products to keep up with our customers' demands. TRA-BOND 240-2 is a unique formulation designed to deliver a high quality solution to your adhesive needs.

TRA-BOND 240-2 is a low viscosity polyurethane casting system specifically designed for embedding and casting applications where its' combination of long pot-life, improved flexibility, and excellent impact strength are required. It is ideal for low vacuum applications, as it is NASA Outgassing approved. This material also boasts near-zero shrinkage, leading to very low residual stress. TRA-BOND 240-2 readily bonds to ceramics, glass, most metals, and many plastics, making it a versatile candidate for a wide variety of applications. The fully cured adhesive is an electrical insulator which is mechanically strong and tougher than comparable silicone gels.

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