Cast Film Die incorporates internal deckle.

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With internal deckle, Contour™ Cast Film Die enables extrusion processors to achieve speed and precision without incurring downtime for changing product width. Unit has sculpted configuration that is smaller and tapered at ends, offsetting differences in die-body deflection across width of die that are caused by pressure of molten polymer that extruder continuously charges into manifold. With uniform die-body deflection, Contour Die can quickly be adjusted to achieve on-specification film.

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At K 3013: New-Generation Contour(TM) Cast Film Die Provides Adjustment Speed and Precision Plus New Internal Deckling

New Die from Nordson EXTRUSION DIES INDUSTRIES Saves Up to Two Days of Downtime for Width Changes and Pays for Itself through Resin Savings

CHIPPEWA FALLS, WI, U.S.A., -- A new generation of the widely used Contour™ cast film die now incorporates an internal deckle that enables extrusion processors to achieve the speed and precision for which this uniquely shaped die is known without incurring downtime for changing product width, it was announced by Nordson EXTRUSION DIES INDUSTRIES, which will introduce the die at K 2013 (Hall 2, Stand G06). 

There are two major advantages of the Contour Die over traditional dies with “coathanger” manifolds: 1) less time needed to achieve on-spec product and to purge between product runs; and 2) up to 25% improvement in cross-directional product uniformity, along with a reduction in gel formation. The new-generation Contour Die retains these advantages while saving up to two days of downtime for width changes because it incorporates an internal deckle for making changes in product width.

While benefits from the new die will vary with each application, in commercial-scale trial runs by a global film manufacturer working with Nordson EXTRUSION DIES INDUSTRIES, the new-generation Contour Die achieved considerably narrower gauge tolerances in comparison with a coathanger die, making possible materials saving with a calculated annual value of US $200,000 (see table).

“The Contour Die can pay for itself in less than a year simply by virtue of the resin savings made possible by precision control over the gauge profile,” said Sam G. Iuliano, chief technologist. “Nor do these savings take into account the enhanced productivity resulting from increased yields of saleable film and reductions in scrap. Customers using the original Contour Die have told us many times that it is easier to adjust than standard coathanger dies, starts up and settles in more rapidly, requires less time for purging, and speeds up product changeovers.”   

New Contour™ Die Combines Streamlined Flow, Gauge Uniformity—Plus Internal Deckle

The new-generation Contour Die is the result of Nordson EXTRUSION DIES INDUSTRIES’ use of sophisticated modeling and engineering software to generate an innovative manifold—the flow channel that is machined between the upper and lower halves, or bodies, of the die. This new manifold permits the incorporation of a built-in internal deckle.

In developing the original Contour Die, Nordson EXTRUSION DIES INDUSTRIES designed a coathanger-shaped manifold, which produces a streamlined melt flow. Unlike the block-like shape of traditional coathanger dies, however, the Contour Die has a “sculpted” configuration that is smaller and tapered at the ends. This unique shape offsets the differences in die-body deflection across the width of the die that are caused by the great pressure of the molten polymer that the extruder continuously charges into the manifold—differences that in traditional coathanger dies cause gauge variations and the product deformation known as “clamshelling.”

Because it exhibits uniform die-body deflection, the original Contour Die can be adjusted to achieve on-specification film more quickly than the traditional coathanger die while still yielding a streamlined flow. In addition, it produces a more uniform cross-directional gauge profile and a more uniform layer structure in coextrusion.

“The new-generation Contour Die retains all of the advantages of the original design while making it possible to carry out rapid changes in product width without having to take the die offline,” said Mr. Iuliano.

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