Cassette/Slide Printers utilize ink jet technology.

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Model IP C cassette printer and Model IP S slide printer produce bar codes, alphanumeric characters, and cutomized logos on tissue cassettes and microscope slides. Printed information is permanent and resistant to reagents. Model IP S has 3 different magazines, each with capacity of 150 slides. Model IP C has 6 different magazines, each with capacity of 80 cassettes. Units can print cassette or slide every 4 sec and can be operated by any Windows® software.

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Leica Microsystems Introduces the New Leica IP C Cassette and IP S Slide Printers

February, 2003
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Leica Microsystems introduces the new Leica IP C cassette and IP S slide printers for printing permanent, legible information directly onto most standard tissue cassettes and microscope slides used in histology, cytology and biomedical research laboratories.

The Leica IP C and IP S use ink jet printing technology, which enables the systems to print one and two-dimensional bar codes, alphanumeric characters and customized logos on cassettes or microscope slides. Laboratories using bar code technology can achieve a second level of patient identification while protecting confidentiality and allowing convenient tracking and archiving of the specimen.

This ink jet technology, combined with Leica's patented ink, provides slide label information that is permanent and resistant to reagents commonly used in processing, staining and coverslipping. The IP C and IP S provide improved readability of the cassette or slide label information, enhanced accuracy and reduced human labeling errors due to poor legibility and transposed numbers.

The IP S slide printer has 3 different magazines, each with a capacity of 150 slides. The IP C cassette printer has 6 different magazines, each with a capacity of 80 cassettes. These versatile systems can be used with most commercially available brands of tissue cassette and glass microscope slides. Automatic case management can be accomplished through user-defined selection of cassette or slide type or color from any magazine. Designed for the ever-increasing throughput requirements in many laboratories, the IP printers can print a cassette or slide every 4 seconds.

The flexible Leica IP C and IP S can be operated by any Windows® software or can be customized by individual laboratories to suit their needs as a standalone system using Leica's Printer Server Software (PSS). Alternatively, the printers can be integrated to most LIS systems.

A manual unload station is included. However, a convenient automatic, multi-level unload station for unloading up to 11 slides and 10 cassettes onto each of 10 trays is available as an option. Removing the trays as they are filled does not disrupt the printer operation.

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