CashView Renamed

Company Expands Services and Unveils New Pricing

PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 14 -- CashView Inc., announced today it re-named its company and finance management service to Additionally, the company rolled out new features including an easier start-up process, a simpler interface, added reporting options, improved performance, integration with QuickBooks and a multi-company management tool for accountants and bookkeepers.

"During our Beta, we collected customer feedback to help us perfect the overall customer experience," said Founder and CEO Rene Lacerte. "As a result, we streamlined the 'getting started' process and improved the overall user experience, making it even easier for SMBs, accountants and bookkeepers to experience the ease and power of our service. is the only affordable, OnDemand service that efficiently manages the bills coming in and going out while providing "one-click" cash flow management for businesses with 1 to 1000 employees."

Launched last year at DEMOfall 07 and earning the prestigious DEMOGod Award(TM), helps companies manage their "everyday financial stuff", online from anywhere, any time. Accountants and bookkeepers can also access this powerful new tool to more easily service their customers. What differentiates is its front-office approach to helping companies see their integrated financial picture. With, companies can send invoices, receive bills and make payments, and better manage their daily cash. In addition to viewing cash flow real-time, all documents, communications and processes are integrated with each transaction, creating easy access to critical financial information with a simple mouse click. The cost of the service is only $15 per user per month for up to 10 transactions and $1.25 for each additional transaction.

What's New?

o Start-Up Process is more streamlined, with new modular guides and an easier bank verification process

o Simpler User-Interface makes day-to-day cash management, document management and bill payments much easier

o More Robust Reporting allows companies to easily create and export reports into Microsoft Excel or Adobe Acrobat

o Multi-Company Management Tool allows accountants and bookkeepers with multiple clients to aggregate and view all workload tasks on one dashboard screen

o Improved Performance to handle high-transaction, volume accounts

A recent survey showed that today's small businesses spend twice as much time on financial administrative tasks as they do on building their business. The Aberdeen Group estimates that 97 percent of invoices are processed manually and companies with invoice processing cycle times of 30-60 days spend in excess of $34 per invoice. Currently, businesses with fewer than 100 employees are spending an estimated $200 billion a year processing invoices alone. is an easy and affordable option to shift companies from time- consuming, paper-based systems to a paperless, integrated solution for managing day-to-day financial stuff. Targeted at companies with up to 1,000 employees, has the power of an enterprise-class application, yet it requires no internal IT resources to configure, it is low cost, and it doesn't require a significant upfront investment to get started. Companies also benefit from not having to upgrade or back-up data since is a 24x7 hosted website. opens the gate for businesses to easily and affordably use online bill payment, e-invoicing and collections, while managing their daily cash flow with a click.

What's in the Name?

"Our service allows companies to easily pay, send and receive bills," added Mr. Lacerte. "The name has mass appeal and reflects the intuitive nature of our service. With, customers can focus on growing their businesses, and leave the every day management of their bills and billings to us." Benefits

o Automate and reduce time spent on administrative tasks to focus on business growth

o Improve workflow and approval processes

o Gain one-click access to financial documents along with related transactions, processes and messages

o Maintain greater control

o Save costs on processing bills

o Minimize the paper madness

o Increase accuracy rates

o Improve collection and automation of receivables via electronic alerts on unpaid invoices

o Eliminate duplicate payments, late fees and overdraft fees via electronic reminders on bill payments

o Simplify communications with customers and employees by integrating those communications within your transactions

Specific Benefits to the Accountant/Advisor

o Service customers remotely, in less time

o Exchange information with customers more easily

o Focus on growing your business


Based in Palo Alto, Calif., simplifies the way companies manage bills, invoices, contracts and other important documents, allowing them to focus on growing their business. is a web-based, financial management service that allows companies to store all documents, related processes and transactions in one place, so financial stuff can be easily and securely accessed from anywhere, any time. Unlike traditional accounting systems with after-the-fact reporting, is the first and only low-cost service that gives companies a real-time daily view of anticipated cash flow while simultaneously processing transactions. This allows companies to more effectively plan, forecast and make smarter financial decisions -- adding a new dimension to finance management. For more information visit


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