Cashco Achieves ISO 14001 Environmental Certification

ELLSWORTH, KANSAS - September 2010 - Cashco Inc. has always prided itself in being a leading supplier of American-made control valves and regulators that meet ISO 9001/2000 Quality Assurance Program standards. Now, Cashco has added another feather to its cap with an International Organization of Standards (ISO) 14001 certification for designing and implementing an effective environmental management system.

The ISO 14001 standard is part of a family of 16 international ISO 14000 standards designed to assist companies in reducing their negative impact on the environment. ISO 14001, as with other ISO 14000 standards, is voluntary, with its main goal being to assist companies in continually improving their environmental performance, while complying with any applicable legislation. Each company is responsible for setting its own targets and performance measures. Once a business has fully developed and implemented their ISO 14001 compliant environmental management system, they can apply for certification, which includes a comprehensive on-site audit.

"Cashco is using this program to not only become more environmentally conscious, but to also increase efficiency and to reduce operating costs," says Clint Rogers, Executive Vice President of Engineering, Sales and Marketing for Cashco Inc. "For example, as part of the compliance process, we have updated lighting in the manufacturing area, along with the exterior and office lighting, with fluorescent bulbs or LED lighting, where cost justifications could be met."

Rogers says occupancy sensors were also installed, and continue to be mounted in areas where savings can be recognized. Plus, energy efficient exterior doors and windows were installed for more efficient heating and cooling; a comprehensive recycling program was implemented, and water-efficient facilities were installed in the restrooms to lower water consumption - to name just a few of the environmental improvements.

"This process has certainly been a win-win situation for everyone," Rogers adds. "First, we have learned a lot about environmental conservation, and continue to do so. However, we have also been able to reduce operating costs with the hope that this will, in turn, minimize pricing fluctuations to our customers."

Cashco Inc., headquartered in Ellsworth, Kansas, manufactures a broad line of throttling rotary and linear control valves, pressure reducing regulators and back pressure regulators in a wide range of sizes. To learn more about the company and its products, call 785-472-4461 or log onto their website at

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