Casella USA Announce the Release of dB35 Software Package for the dBadge

Casella USA are pleased to announce the release of an all new software package for the new CEL-350 dBadge micro noise dosimeter. The package, called dB35, is the latest addition to the popular CEL SoundTrack software series for the pc and runs under Microsoft Windows latest operating system. The software is supplied on a CDROM that allows the user to install it quickly and easily when setting up for the first time.

Under its full part number, CEL-6357, the dB35 software matches perfectly with the new CEL-350 dBadge micro noise dosimeter and provides for the configuration, download and reporting of measurements taken with the dosimeter in industrial hygiene surveys. The software is provided as a standard part of the complete measurement kits available for the CEL dBadge or can be purchased separately if required.

The dB35 software allows the user to configure any number of dBadges with customizable screen identities, set the real date and time, select the screen language and select threshold alarm levels that can be activated during the noise measurements.

At the end of a single or multiple measurements the noise recordings are downloaded into the dB35 package into an SQL database format. This allows the user to setup "Plants, Places, Processes and People" to assign the runs to in a unique fashion for later review.

A full graphing function allows the user to see the time history variations that occurred during the measurement to highlight the times when specific hearing protection must be worn or noisy machinery needs to be investigated further.

A "traffic light" system of action levels can be programmed into the software and applied to the results in the database such that all recordings that exceed the action levels are highlighted in the chosen color. This makes it very easy to spot areas of main concern and where to target any remedial work that might be required.

Finally, a comprehensive reporting package lets the user produce hard copy output for record keeping purposes. Reports are customizable in terms of what parts of the result set are actually considered necessary for inclusion and the layout can be manipulated as required for printing to any connected office printer.

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