CaseCentral Adds 250 Million Pages of Documents

18 Terabytes of Data Loaded in Record Time

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 12 / -- CaseCentral, the leader in on-demand discovery lifecycle management, today said that it has completed loading an unprecedented volume of new documents into its electronic discovery repository.

Two cases involving litigation in the financial services industry collectively include more than 100 parties and over 400 attorneys, and resulted in the addition of 18 terabytes of data -- 250 million pages -- within the past three months. Both cases are currently using CaseCentral's electronic discovery platform to manage the documents in post-production.

"The amount of data loaded into the CaseCentral repository was not only unprecedented, it was also handled under tight deadlines," said CaseCentral CEO Chris Kruse. "CaseCentral's ability to process this extraordinary volume of data in such a short period of time at such a high level of quality reflects the success of the infrastructure investments and the operational improvements CaseCentral has made over the past six months."

In August, CaseCentral implemented new infrastructure solutions from EMC that significantly expanded the company's ability to manage multi-terabyte electronic discovery cases. The technology enables greater volumes of data to be loaded at high speeds into CaseCentral's Online Repository & Review platform with real-time mirroring and disk-to-disk backup for these data volumes. To support an increasing number of concurrent users, CaseCentral also doubled the number of application servers, and when appropriate, the largest clients are provided with dedicated systems.

"In the past three months, CaseCentral's new infrastructure was tested and performed seamlessly to meet the challenge of such an enormous amount of data," Kruse said.

"Our successful experience with the very largest of cases provides CaseCentral with the unique capability to support customers who have large or complex litigation needs."

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