Case Systems Introduces Treated Casework

MIDLAND, MI (July 27, 2010) - Case Systems today announced it is exclusively offering casework treated with the AEGIS Microbe Shield® technology. The innovative technology treatment protects your casework and work surface from bacteria and other microbes that can cause staining, deterioration and odors. Durable over the lifetime of the casework, the surface treatment is an ideal option for education, healthcare and laboratory environments, where an additional means of protection can be used in conjunction with a standard cleaning protocol.

"We're excited to exclusively provide this technology as a treatment option for our casework," said Rick Vander Weele, President and CEO of Case Systems. "Offering an additional means of protection to our customers that does not leach or migrate into the environment and does not support adaptive organisms is an exciting opportunity for our dealers, customers and employees. While regular cleaning procedures are paramount in all hygiene sensitive environments, surfaces treated with the ÆGIS Microbe Shield® technology can control microbial growth without the use of heavy metals, silver or poisons."

Safe and Effective 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year
Unlike silver-based or triclosan-based technologies, silane-based ÆGIS Microbe Shield® technology is not merely affixed to the treated surface. It is chemically bonded to the surface, allowing it to remain functional even after repeated cleanings.

"As a result, treated Case Systems casework remains durable and functional for years to come," Vander Weele said.

Because it permanently bonds to the surface, ÆGIS Microbe Shield® technology does not off gas, leach or migrate into the environment. Originally developed by Dow Corning Corporation, the antimicrobial technology:

o Is EPA registered with 30 years of safe and effective use
o Controls microbial growth without the use of heavy metals, silver or poisons
o Is effective against a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi (mold and mildew)
o Is laboratory proven not to promote an environment for adaptive organisms

Building on a Legacy of Customer-Focused Innovation

Case Systems offers a wide range of quality, adaptable and aesthetically pleasing Divisions 12 (Manufactured Casework), 11 (Plastic Laminate Casework) and 6 (Architectural Millwork) products. The company's experienced design team can help plan the right treated casework solutions for environments such as:

o Nurse's stations
o Patient rooms
o Clinical labs
o Exam, treatment and procedure rooms
o Pharmacies
o Classrooms
o Playrooms
o High-touch areas in residential and business facilities, such as reception areas and employee lunch rooms

"For several years, we've been an innovator in creating specialized storage and work surface solutions for healthcare, education and laboratory settings," Vander Weele said. "By offering effective protection for our casework, we are even better positioned as an industry innovator who can deliver functional designs that solve very real problems for our clients."

If interested in learning more about Case Systems' treated casework and the technology behind it, please call Kevin Krenzke at 989-496-9510.

About Case Systems
Case Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of durable, versatile, laminate casework systems for the healthcare, education and laboratory markets. Case Systems purchased BOSTONtec, a former supplier, to produce high quality, steel furniture for industrial and technical environments. All Case Systems and BOSTONtec products are designed and fabricated in Midland, Michigan, and sold throughout North America.

About AEGIS Microbe Shield®
AEGIS Environments is the global source for the ÆGIS Microbe Shield antimicrobial technology, the world's first antimicrobial for the treatment of goods which is odorless, colorless, non-leaching, long-lasting and effective against fungi, bacteria and algae. It is durable to protect the products that protect you with less stress on the environment. Though various leaching technologies still exist in the market, there is one technology that stands alone as the most advanced antimicrobial in performance and safety: ÆGIS MICROBE SHIELD.

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