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OMNIALog Dataloggers Monitor Temperature, Current and Voltage

CHESTERLAND OH — CAS DataLoggers is proud to welcome an exciting new datalogging manufacturer, Next Industries. Next Industries designs and manufactures high-accuracy data loggers that are easy to install and which feature remote connection and management. Next Industries OMNIALog series data loggers feature universal input channels that can be used with a wide range of input signal types for monitoring and alarm applications. These innovative solutions are now available from CAS DataLoggers—visit to learn more!

Next Industries' Italian parent company SISGEO is based in Masate, just east of Milan. SISGEO has designed the OMNIAlog series which is the result of over 25 years' experience in product development. The OMNIAlog series is comprised of versatile, cost-effective and low powered dataloggers.

For users who require a high channel count, Next Industries offers the standalone NI-816 OMNIALog 16-Channel Universal Input Data Logger and NI-480 OMNIALog 8-Channel Data Logger. These smart dataloggers provide an extensive array of features that allow them to be used across a wide variety of applications. Connecting to voltage, temperature and current sensors, Next Industries dataloggers can flexibly monitor several parameters. These robust, low-power data loggers offer USB memory stick support, 24-bit resolution, extensive communications capabilities and a built-in display.

Using RS485, the NI-816 logger is expandable to 384 analog inputs and the NI-480 logger can be expanded to 512 analog inputs. Data storage and download can be achieved via USB memory, FTP, GPRS connection, Modbus with SCADA, or a LAN connection to a web server.

For remote monitoring applications, the NI-400 miniOMNIALog 4-Channel Data Logger is an ultra-low powered logger with an integral modem. These units measure voltage, current and temperature. A GPRS version is available for standalone and remote monitoring applications.

View Data from your Mobile Device

With OMNIAlog dataloggers, no other configuration/analysis software package is needed. Monitor your data from the web with your PC, tablet or smartphone.


It's easy for users to set up alarms through the web server. When user-set thresholds are exceeded, alarms can be sent via SMS and email.

GPRS Control

OMNIALog data loggers integrate GPRS modems to send data via FTP, e-mail or SMS. This makes them ideal for remote monitoring and alarm applications.

Real-Time Charts

Users can display their data trends in charts via the OMNIAlog's Web browser interface and store them for further analysis. Data can also be exported to a CSV file.

The Data Logging Experts

CAS Data Loggers is a distributor of data loggers, paperless recorders and data acquisition equipment. We sell directly to end users and also work through a network of distributors and resellers throughout the United States, Canada, Central and South America.

We have been in business for over 20 years, and actively involved in selling data loggers and real-time systems since 2001. Our staff has over 100 years of total experience with different types of data acquisition and test and measurement equipment.

We will help you to select the most appropriate product for your application as well as recommend sensor and transducers to go with the data logger. We also provide free technical support on all of our products and provide value added services including on-site installation, wiring and packaging, engineering and design services and turn-key systems.

For further information on Next Industries dataloggers, additional monitoring solutions, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit our website at

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