CAS Announces Launch of New dataTaker Driver

Visual Programming with LabView for dataTaker Data Loggers

CHESTERLAND OH-CAS DataLoggers along with bestselling datalogging manufacturer dataTaker are proud to announce the launch of a new driver for the popular DT8x series of intelligent dataloggers, now available as a free download on dataTaker's website at The dataTaker LabVIEW Driver beta is a comprehensive library of VIs that allows the dataTaker DT80 range of data loggers to be configured and queried from LabVIEW. This new driver follows standard LabVIEW conventions so users can use the driver VIs to take care of all the communications and data formatting of the data logger, allowing them to concentrate on their application rather than how to interface to the data logger.

The new driver allows users to interface the DT80 range of data loggers with LabView's graphical programming environment, providing users with quick programming capability, convenient data display and interfaces, advanced analysis and reporting features, and more. The simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for anyone to create their own small applications and programs. Additionally, LabVIEW offers extensive support for accessing instrumentation hardware, and drivers and abstraction layers are provided or are available for a broad range of instruments and buses.

This latest driver is based on the previous driver "dataTaker Instrument Driver for LabVIEW" for the DT500 and DT800 range, adding further enhancements on data formatting, simplified communications interface and documentation. Customizable code and examples are available through the driver, with documentation on key concepts of the dataTaker allowing users to quickly develop applications and allowing flexible solutions to be developed. Users now get all the features they need to design and deploy measurement and control systems, as well as several libraries with features for data acquisition, visualization, statistics, signal conditioning and more offered in several LabVIEW package options. Users can configure and/or acquire data via serial or Ethernet.

With flexible, universal analog, digital and serial inputs, dataTaker hardware can be used for real-time data acquisition, in addition to being perfect for applications requiring stand-alone operation in remote or distributed locations with limited power supply.

Visit to download the driver. Extract the zip file to the relevant user.lib directory in the LabVIEW directory.

A comprehensive help file is also available, with chapters on getting started, dataTaker concepts, and documentation on each of the VIs, linked to each LabVIEW VI used. Visit to access the on-line help/documentation.

For more information on the DT8x range of intelligent universal data loggers, other dataloggers in the highly successful dataTaker line, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at Contact Information: CAS DataLoggers, Inc. 12628 Chillicothe Road Chesterland, Ohio 44026 (440) 729-2570 (800) 956-4437

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