Cartridge Filters efficiently remove dust from air.

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Designed for dust collectors, Ultra-Web® nanofiber cartridges filter submicron particles from air at MERV 13 efficiency levels. Products are considered pre-HEPA suitable for capturing submicron and larger dust particulate, lowering emissions 40% on 1 micron dust particles and 58% on 0.5 micron dust particles. Cellulose/synthetic composite media features fibers from 0.2-0.3 micron in dia that forms web-like net to capture dust on surface of filter media.

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Ultra-Web® Cartridge Filters Clean the Air Better, Last Longer

Patented MERV 13 rated Ultra-Web filters lower emissions and last up to 2X longer

MINNEAPOLIS (January 6, 2006) - Manufacturers can get cleaner air with Ultra-Web® nanofiber cartridge filters from Donaldson® Torit®. Proven to filter even submicron dust at higher MERV 13 efficiency levels, Ultra-Web lasts up to twice as long as commodity filters and reduces emissions by 40% or more. Available for Donaldson Torit and other brands of dust collectors, Ultra-Web also significantly lowers energy, labor and filter replacement costs.

Cleaner Air
Air is cleaner with patented Ultra-Web filters with nanofiber technology. Independent lab tests showed that Ultra-Web filters have a MERV 13 efficiency rating while commodity cellulose and blend media have substantially lower MERV ratings (from MERV 8 to MERV 10). The MERV rating system, based on ASHRAE Standard 52.2-1999, is the most current and accurate measurement of filter efficiency and ability to capture submicron dust.

Filters with a MERV 13 efficiency rating are considered pre-HEPA suitable for capturing submicron and larger dust particulate. MERV 10 filters are rated to capture 1-3 micron dust and MERV 8 filters are only rated to capture larger 3-10 micron dust particles.

With higher efficiency Ultra-Web filters, manufacturers can also dramatically lower their emissions. Ultra-Web filters provide 40 percent lower emissions on 1 micron dust particles and 58 percent lower emissions on 0.5 micron dust particles.

Longer Filter Life
Ultra-Web filters last up to twice as long as commodity filters due to nanofiber technology. Nanofiber is a cellulose/synthetic composite media with very fine fibers (0.2 to 0.3 micron in diameter) that forms a web-like net to capture dust on the surface of the filter media. This surface-loading technology promotes self-cleaning in a dust collector and allows dust to be more easily pulsed off during cleaning. As a result, air is more efficiently cleaned, pressure drop remains stable for a longer period of time and filters last longer.

Commodity types of media, such as cellulose and cellulose blend medias, have larger pores between fibers (up to 60 micron). These depth-loading filters allow dust particles to penetrate deep into the filter and choke off airflow. The result is filters plug quickly, operating pressure drop is higher and filter life is shorter. Recent testing of nanofiber filters compared to cellulose and blend media filters showed Ultra-Web had the lowest operating pressure drop at 500 hours of operation (just below 2 inches). Filter changeouts typically occur at 6 inches of pressure drop.

Lower Costs
Fewer filter changeouts save energy, maintenance and filter replacement costs. With Ultra-Web filters, it's possible to cut energy costs in half with a 24-cartridge dust collector and save an additional $1,375 in maintenance and filter costs. Even more dramatic savings can be achieved with larger-sized collectors. Manufacturers with a 128-cartridge dust collector can realize a total annual savings in energy, maintenance and filter costs of up to $13,450. (For specific assumptions, visit

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