Cartridge Bellows Seals provide efficient heat dissipation.

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Ansitex seals, for ANSI rotating equipment, are available with elastomer or metal bellows, and come in both standard-bore and large-bore configurations. MFL metal bellows seal has operating temperature of -40 to +428 deg F and permits operation with high-solids content. Elastomer version has operating temperature of -4 to +284 deg F and is for use in water, beverage and light chemical applications. All are available in sizes from 1.000 to 4.000 in.

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New Ansitex Cartridge Bellows Seals From Burgmann Provide More Efficient Heat Dissipation and Increased Product Circulation for Longer Seal Life

New Ansitex cartridge bellows seals for ANSI rotating equipment are available from BURGMANN. Ansitex seal glands have greater radial clearance around the seal for better heat dissipation and increased product circulation for longer seal life.

The new seals are available with either elastomer or metal bellows to serve a wide range of pressure and temperature requirements. Both versions feature interchangeable components for reduced inventory requirements. Ansitex seals come in both standard bore and large bore configurations, and they are available as single seals with or without quench.

Ansitex seals are designed to fit closer to the pump bearing frame, so seal face runout is minimized. Bellows seals have no dynamic 0-rings, so there is no possibility of hang up.

The MFL metal bellows seal is engineered for chemical processing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, high/low temperature, and highly viscous applications. The increased product circulation and lack of a dynamic 0-ring in the MFL seal permit operation with a high solids content. The elastomer bellows version is ideal for use in water, beverage, and light chemical

Ansitex seals are available in sizes ranging from 1.000 in. to 4.000 in. (25 mm to 101 mm), with other sizes available on request.

The elastomer bellows design has an operating temperature range from -4°F to 284°F (-20°C to 140°C) and an operating pressure limit of 174 psi (12 bar), depending on the seal face materials
specified. The metal bellows version has an operating temperature range from -40°F to 428°F (-40°C to 220°C). It also has an operating pressure limit of 362 psi (25 bar) depending on

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