Carton Grips enable safe carton lifting.

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LIFT MATES(TM) products grip corrugated cardboard surfaces with series of pins placed at ideal lifting angle to hold boxes securely without penetrating box interior. Solo Lift(TM) models provide firm, one-handed grasp of small cartons and include plastic holster with belt clip. Dual Lift(TM) models are suited for 2-handed lifting of larger boxes. Dual Lift package contains 2 grips with holsters and waist belt.

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Safer, Easier Carton Lifting with LIFT MATES(TM) by PROTECTOSEAL®

The Protectoseal Company announces the introduction of LIFT MATES Carton Grips, which reduce the chance of painful, costly back injuries that can occur when lifting and carrying boxes. They also make the job of handling cartons easier and more efficient. These unique, patented devices grip corrugated cardboard surfaces with a series of small pins placed at an ideal lifting angle. They hold boxes securely but do not penetrate into the box interior. Warehouse workers, delivery drivers, retail associates, and anyone who regularly carries corrugated cartons will benefit from using Lift Mates.

The Solo Lift(TM) model provides a firm, one-handed grasp of small cartons, leaving the other hand free for holding handrails, opening doors, etc. They also prevent back strain caused by overreaching with bare hands to retrieve boxes from awkward locations. The Solo Lift package includes a durable plastic holster with belt clip so that Solo Lift is always handy when needed.

Dual Lift(TM) is designed for two-handed lifting of larger boxes. Users just slap the grips onto the sides of a corrugated shipping carton, and you've created handles in a comfortable location. Ergonomic studies have proven that handles on boxes significantly reduce back strain, and experts have recognized the equivalent benefits of using Lift Mates Dual Lift. The Dual Lift package includes two grips with holsters and a convenient waist belt.

The advantages of using Lift Mates are demonstrated in a new 7-minute video, entitled "Get a Grip with Lift Mates." To request a copy on DVD or VHS, call Protectoseal Marketing Department at 800-323-2286, extension 7387 or visit

The Protectoseal Company is also a leading manufacturer of equipment for the safe storage and handling of flammable or hazardous liquids. Protectoseal's Container Division offers a wide variety of Safety Cans and Cabinets, as well as products for Spill Containment, Smoking Management and Lens Cleaning. The Vapor Control Division specializes in Relief Vents and Flame/Detonation Arresters engineered for large chemical storage tanks and vapor control systems.

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