Carton Closer offers continuously variable pitch conveying.

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Right-angle, top-load Vari-Right seals hinge-cover tri-seal and hood-cover cartons with hot-melt adhesive, at speeds to 120 cartons/min. Stainless steel machine includes color touch screen running Insight® MMI for product changeover, diagnostics, maintenance, and glue-applicator control. It automatically indexes filled cartons at random. Servo-drive systems facilitate adjustment and allow independent section adjustments and fine-tuning.

Original Press Release:

New Right-Angle Top-Load Carton Closer Features Continuously Variable Flight Pitch for Efficiency and Flexiblity

Kliklok-Woodman's NEW Vari-Right right-angle top-load carton closer will be introduced and demonstrated in operation for the first time at Pack Expo International 2002. It's the first system of its kind to offer a continuously variable pitch conveying design, combining the carton size flexibility of
lugless systems with the positive control of conventional flighted machines. It seals hinge-cover tri-seal or hood-cover cartons, with hot-melt adhesive, at speeds to 120 Cartons per minute.

The Vari-Right is constructed predominantly of stainless steel and includes an easy-to-use color touch screen running Kliklok-Woodman's Insight® MMI, with minimum input parameters and automatic "expert" set-up for easy product changeover, diagnostics, maintenance and glue applicator control.

The Vari-Right automatically indexes filled cartons at random. Its servo drive systems allow easy adjustability, independent section adjustments and fine-tuning "on the fly". Vari-Right's unique flexibility stems from its patent-pending, continuous pitch carton conveying system including articulated lugs for positive carton control.

The Vari-Right is an extremely compact and space-efficient solution for fully automatic top-load carton closing. Its' right-angle configuration is ideal for many applications that demand a cost-effective solution for recloseable hood-cover carton styles such as those commonly used for Baked Goods and other products.

Pack Expo International 2002 Booth # S-1601 - Kliklok-Woodman

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