Carrier-Telecom E1/T1 Baluns and Panels

Balance your data processing signals passively!

The ETS CT-710, 720, 730, 740 Series of baluns and panel enables G.703 equipment to use and operate over UTP cable. The E1/T1 baluns and panels convert the unbalanced G.703 signal 75 ohm coax from the router to a well balanced 120 ohm for E1 (100 ohm for T1) signal for low loss transport.

All ETS E1/T1 Baluns and Panels are passive and enable the sending of bi-directional signals. E1 transmission is supported at 2.048 Mbps and T1 transmission is supported at 1.544Mbps.

These Carrier Telecom products are available in non-isolated designs for protection against ground loops. These devices also solve the mismatches between coax and UTP cable equipment.

Only Neutrik connectors are used in ETS products.

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