Carpenter's Tool holds up cabinets, drywall, and ceilings.

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T-JAK(R) support plate is suitable for installing cabinets, drywall ceilings, crown molding, and ridge rafters. Once in place, it can be locked by straightening adjustment knob, then tightening it. Support can adjust from 53 to 84 in. and support loads up to 400 lb. Assortment of extensions increase span up to 10 ft. Also available is Mini-Brute(R), which has a range of 15 to 24 in, to install upper wall cabinets when base units are already in place.

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Dateline: March 20, 2002 . Long Grove, IL
Contact Name: James Clarke
Contact Phone: 800-662-3557
Web Address:

LONG GROVE, IL - March 20, 2002 - Carpenter patents tool that supports the workload of cabinet installers, builders and remodelers.

After working 40 years as a carpenter, James Clarke had an idea to shore up the cabinets he was installing. Like most carpenters, Jim would fix a cleat to the wall to hold the cabinet he was attaching. But this took extra time and the cleat was in the way if the cabinet had to be shimmed. Jim thought there must be a better way and that led him to think of another method of support. He tested his idea and it worked so well that he applied for a patent. Once he received the patent, he enlisted the help of his brother and a childhood friend to market his invention called the T-JAK(R).

The ingenuity of the T-JAK(R) is a hole drilled at an angle to the threads on the quick release adjustment knob. Simply tilting the knob disengages it from the threaded shaft and allows the support plate to be easily moved into contact with an object to be supported. Once in place, the T-JAK(R) can be locked by straightening the adjustment knob then tightening it. The T-JAK(R) can adjust from 53 to 84 inches and support loads up to 400 lbs.

"The T-JAK(R) is very easy to use and is especially useful for installing cabinets, but it can be used for drywall ceilings, crown molding, ridge rafters, and many other applications," said James Clarke of the Paterson Avenue Tool Co., which makes the T-JAK(R). "Because the T-JAK(R) is sturdy, it is very safe and it can prevent back injuries," he added.

The T-JAK(R) has been well received by professional carpenters and home remodelers, especially those who do not have a helper. To increase the versatility of the T-JAK(R), the Paterson Avenue Tool Co. offers an assortment of extensions to increase the span up to 10 feet. They also offer the Mini-Brute(R), which has a range of 15 to 24 inches, to install upper wall cabinets when the base units are already in place.

Jim now works fulltime at promoting his invention. sells the T-JAK(R) over the Internet, but not many people know about it. "Now that I turned my idea into a useful tool, I'm thinking of ways to get it into the hands of workers who could use it," said Jim. He is also developing ideas for other tools that will help get jobs done quicker, easier and safer.

For more information, please visit or contact:

James Clarke
Patterson Avenue Tool Co.
6515 High Meadow Ct.
Long Grove, IL 60047
Phone: 800-873-2239

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