Carestream Unveils Broad Range of New Medical Imaging and Healthcare IT Products at World's Largest Radiology Conference

New Systems and Enhanced Product Features Can Help Speed Diagnosis and Treatment for Patients, Improve Efficiency for Hospitals

CHICAGO, -- Carestream continues to develop new radiology products and advanced IT systems for the healthcare profession with the introduction of numerous new diagnostic imaging products and information management systems at the annual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) conference in Chicago.

Carestream debuted its first ultrasound system--the CARESTREAM Touch Ultrasound System--which is designed to include several unique capabilities that can help enhance image quality and make the medical imaging process faster and easier for hospital staff and patients.

"We have a proven history of customer-focused innovation in digital medical imaging technology and we are now extending our expertise to the ultrasound field," said Diana L. Nole, President, Digital Medical Solutions, Carestream. "We identified user needs that were not adequately addressed in existing ultrasound systems and created a powerful platform that offers new features for ultrasound imaging. This is the first product in a new family of Carestream systems that can enable ultrasound providers to further enhance patient care."

Carestream also demonstrated important new features for its healthcare IT platforms that manage, store and share patient data and medical imaging exams. Carestream's new Clinical Collaboration Platform can boost collaboration among clinicians; break down walls between ancillary departments, sites and networks; and provide physicians with a single view of critical patient records and information.

The Clinical Collaboration Platform enables healthcare providers to capture, archive, manage and distribute clinical data such as images, videos, photos and reports related to the patient from different ancillary departments such as endoscopy and dermatology. This creates a patient-centric clinical record that complements the electronic health record. Capturing structured data also will deliver greater clinical insight with interactive reports where a single click of a hyperlink takes physicians to the actual data. This Web-enabled platform can be used for telemedicine and to provide specialty care where it's traditionally not available. In addition, the platform also offers a secure digital patient portal that allows patients to download, view, store and share their medical imaging studies with physicians and specialists.

At the RSNA conference, Carestream demonstrated new features in its radiology portfolio to help physicians diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, including:

--  A compact new digital X-ray imaging system that provides excellent image quality and can process images while sitting on a floor, table or other flat surface. This affordable platform can meet the diverse needs of imaging centers, private practices and smaller hospitals, as well as orthopaedic, veterinary and chiropractic providers.

--  New tools for digital breast tomosynthesis designed to further enhance early detection and treatment of breast cancer.

--  The latest version of Carestream's radiology information system that offers the ability to import a patient's clinical history so referring physicians can gain a more holistic view of the patient when making diagnostic and treatment decisions.

--  Carestream's newest cardiology image management platform that offers the ability to send a text message or email notification to a physician when a patient has a critical condition and a dashboard that provides data to assist with diagnosis of the current exam.

--  A new premium laser imager that outputs images from CT, MR, digital mammography and other imaging modalities onto radiographic film.

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