Card Sleeves protect against theft of personal information.

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Suited for smart cards, e-passports, ID cards, banking/credit cards, and transportation cards, 3M ToughShield Protective Sleeves block radio frequencies to help eleiminate data theft or skimming. Inner copper-coated conductive polyester layer is bonded to outside layer of 3M TufQUIN inorganic hybrid insulating paper. This material is tear- and water-resistant and also withstands wear. After 2,000 cycles of abrasion resistance testing, it retains 99% of its shielding effectiveness.

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3M ToughShield Sleeves Protect Against Theft of Personal Information

AUSTIN, Texas--Data theft or "skimming" from smart cards and e-passports will be harder from documents kept in a new 3M product. 3M ToughShield brand Protective Sleeves offer reliable, durable data protection for RFID-enabled devices.

Although they resemble the simple paper sleeves in which such cards are often shipped, the 3M sleeves are lined with a thin copper-coated conductive polyester. This metallic layer effectively blocks radio frequencies used for unauthorized skimming of RFID-enabled applications. These sleeves were developed using 3M shielding technology used in a wide range of electronic devices.

The inside lining is bonded with a 3M acrylic adhesive to an outside layer made of 3M TufQUIN-brand Inorganic Hybrid Insulating Paper. This material is tear and water resistant and withstands wear better than standard materials. After 2000 cycles of abrasion resistance testing in 3M laboratories, it retains 99 percent of its shielding effectiveness.

The 3M materials are thin and flexible so that consumers can easily use the sleek sleeves to protect e-passports; smartcards; government, state, and corporate-issued ID cards; banking and credit cards; and transportation cards.

The 3M product can be customized to fit a broad range of devices and has a printable surface so the sleeve can be used as a brand and marketing tool.

For more information about 3M ToughShield Protective Sleeves, contact the 3M Electrical Markets Division, A130-4N-40, 6801 River Place Blvd., Austin, Texas 78726-9000, USA, or call 800-676-8381. For more information about 3M electrical products, go to

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