Card Cage reduces G-loads by factor of ten.

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Clear-anodized aluminum DuraChassis(TM) PC/104 enclosures integrate removable railed card cage sub-assembly designed for shock mitigation and card removal. Design secures PC/104 modules in card cage with 4 solid points of attachment. Units provide protection against shock and vibration through 59 durometer Silastic® silicone shock absorbers. Products come in 6.0, 8.0, 10.0, and 12.0 in. lengths to accommodate up to 5, 8, 11, and 14 PC/104 cards respectively.

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parvus Launches DuraChassis(tm) Line of Rugged Aluminum Enclosures - First PC/104 Chassis to Integrate Removable Card Cage

New Embedded Computer Enclosure Offers High Degree of Serviceability, Environmental Protection, Shock and Vibration Isolation, Durability, and Ease of Use

EMBEDDED SYSTEMS CONFERENCE, San Francisco (BOOTH #2144) - April 22, 2003 - parvus Corporation today unveiled its DuraChassis(tm) line of extruded aluminum PC/104 enclosures, the most ruggedized and simple-to-use PC/104 chassis available today commercially-off-the-shelf (COTS). Made of lightweight, clear-anodized aluminum, this innovative enclosure system is the first of its kind to integrate a removable railed card cage sub-assembly designed for shock mitigation and simple card removal. Unit pricing starts at $272/each.

Aimed at embedded systems applications in the military, medical, industrial, aerospace, and transportation fields, parvus' DuraChassis delivers the industry's highest level of PC/104 system serviceability, simplifying field retrofits, reconfigurations, and upgrades. Its design completely eliminates the need for traditional standoffs/spacers and provides a simpler board removal method than any other PC/104 enclosure on the market. PC/104 modules are alternatively securely held in an aluminum card cage, receiving four solid points of attachment, along with complete access to any PC/104 module in the card stack by simply removing four bolts on the card cage.

The chassis also provides a very high degree of protection against damaging shock and vibration energies common to mobile, airborne, shipboard, and other demanding embedded PC/104 environments. Fifty-nine durometer Silastic(r) silicone shock absorbers attached to the perimeter of its railed card cage effectively reduce G-Loads felt by a PC/104 system in three dimensions by up to a factor of ten. These specially designed shock absorbers have been field tested to even meet stringent MIL-STD-810 requirements. For low-shock/vib applications, the DuraChassis is alternatively available with a card cage rigidly mounted with plastic rail clips rather than shock isolators.

The DuraChassis comes in four standard lengths - 6.0", 8.0", 10.0" and 12.0" - to accommodate up to 5, 8, 11 and 14 PC/104 cards, respectively. It also comes with either Dust or NEMA end caps to provide protection against dust, splashing water and other environmental conditions. The Dust variety fit flush on the end of the extrusion, while NEMA end caps are thicker and have a lip that fits around the extrusion end to improve the environmental seal and enable optional gasketing to be used for a NEMA 4x rated protection. End caps come pre-punched with standard PC I/0 connector holes for RJ-45, power, video, keyboard, mouse, parallel, and serial ports. Custom end caps are also available.

The bottom of the DuraChassis extrusion incorporates dovetailed grooves designed to mate with an optional aluminum baseplate, allowing it to be mounted to a wall, bulkhead or other fixture. The inside of the extrusion integrates heatsinking grooves along two internal walls for convective cooling, increasing surface area and dissipating heat away from a PC/104 system.


parvus Corporation is a leading manufacturer and systems integrator of modular embedded computer boards, enclosures, displays and systems based on the PC/104 circuit board standard. Its rugged, embedded PC products offer commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions ideal for avionics, military, medical, industrial, and transportation OEMs. For more information, visit or call 801-483-1533.

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